LIMC2 Intelligent low-voltage hybrid compensation device LC compensation with SVG compensation

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Intelligent low-voltage hybrid filter compensation device is an intelligent solutions of power quality and harmonic governance, the device combines TSC type SVC dynamic reactive power compensation devices, APF active filter both or SVG Static Var together, through an intelligent monitoring module in accordance with the required reactive power factor and harmonic governance needs to realize the reasonable control of TSC, SVG and APF work, a maximum power factor control to 0.99 , harmonic filtering rate of more than 85%, the elimination of the three-phase imbalance; The intelligent low-voltage hybrid filter compensation device is a perfect power quality solution.


Traditional TSC type SVC dynamic reactive power compensation device uses packet switching, packet output,with reactive power compensation restriction, power factor is only maintained at about 0.95, harmonic filter out only for specific features, filtering effect is just so so; but intelligent low-voltage hybrid filter compensation device can overcome the TSC dynamic reactive power compensation device many shortcomings, not only can filter out specific characteristic harmonic, but also for the many times harmonic filter out, without restricted spots reactive power compensation, power factor reach about 0.99.

Sanhe Power Tech(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd is China best known name in the Power Quality market. Since 2002, we have got several patents and authorized as software, high-tech company by the government. Moreover, we have authorized ISO2001 2008 and CMMI3 by SEI etc.
Sanhe has been committed himself to practical power electronic technology, comprehensively produce and supply the solutions of power compensation and harmonic system components and modules. Our core technology includes: the reactive compensation tech and intelligent control of the power supply system; the high/low voltage harmonic filter of the power supply system; the stability analysis of the power supply system; the safe operation of the capacitor bank; the flexible AC transmission technology of TSC、TCR system. Our products categorize high voltage device, low voltage device, high voltage component, low voltage component.
We offer power factor correction solutions that enable commercial and industrial energy customers metered in KVA to reduce their reactive energy consumption and total costs by as much as 35%. Our HVPF、HSVG、APF is applied with comprehensive control technology to improve the system to THDi5% and PF0.99.
We have had the privilege of being of service to leading China conglomerates such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, SDIC Caofeidian port, Western tube and pipe, and many other industrial as well as mines, cements etc.
To satisfy the clients, we set up six offices in China and employed many local engineers for foreign projects. With the theory of “stable quality, perfect service, newest technology, creative method”, Sanhe is becoming better each day.

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