Magnesium oxide for grinding wheel

Minimum Order
1 ton
20kg net plastic woven bag with PE liner
within 15 days
Product Description
Magnesium oxide for grinding wheel; Operating Standard : HG/T2573-2012; Brand : MEISHEN; Appearance : white power; Function : enhance the strength, wear-resistant, almost unbreakable, it help to bonding and solidify; Product specification; MGO % 95; Screenings (100 um) % 0.01; CaO % 1.00; Bulk density (g/ml) 0.20-0.30; The above is the introduction of magnesium oxide for grinding wheel, if you want to know further knowledge about its price, images or manufacturers, you can directly contact with us. As the largest manufacturer of magnesium oxide, we are sure to give you an satisfied answer.
Product Feature
the indexes of magnesium oxide can be customized.
Application / Models
the production of grinding wheel
Other Information
Hebei Meishen chemical technology Group Co. , LTD, established in September, 2003, locate in Chang'an Road, High-tech Development Zone, Xingtai, Hebei. Meishen, a high-tech company, which grew out of a joint venture established 19 years ago is specialized in the production of light magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, food grade magnesium oxide, pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and phosphor grade magnesium oxide , analytic reagent magnesium oxide , silicon steel grade magnesium oxide and magnesium salt series products. At present, the company has developed nearly hundreds kind of magnesium oxide, which can be used in hundreds of fields. The design capacity of Meishen can up to 30000 tons:Including 10000 tons light magnesium oxide, 6000 tons active magnesium oxide, 3000 tons silicon steel grade magnesium oxide, 1200 tons phosphor grade magnesium oxide, 600 tons analytic reagent magnesium oxide, 3000 tons pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate, 1200 tons pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, 5000 tons medical magnesium sulfate. Leading the domestic market of light & active magnesium oxide for near a decade from 2003-2013, Meishen is in the first place in the national market share and has become the well-known brand in magnesium salt industry.

Hebei Meishen chemical technology Group Co.,ltd has more than 100 million fixed assets. It turned over nearly 200 million in 2013, which is expected to reach 350 million in 2014 and 500 million yuan in 2015. 2018 annual output value is expected to reach 2 billion.

The company will operate listed during 2016 to 2018, after listing, finance into the realm of high-end magnesia, high purity magnesia, metal magnesium, and magnesium compounds. Integrating downstream industry chain, Meishen aims for becoming leading brand in the magnesium industry, the leading enterprise of magnesium oxide in the world, entering the world’s Top 500 Chemical Company, achieving annual revenues of more than 10 billion, profits and taxes of 1 billion.

Meishen’s main business covers in R&D of magnesium salts, trade, warehousing logistics, educational training and it dedicated to the production of high-end and fine products, creating a high-tech, professional, internationalized, ecological “MEISHEN”, the leading brand of magnesium chemical industry in China.

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