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Maifan stone granule、Maifan stone filters material is one kind of new water treatment filters the material.The Maifan stone crevice structure is complex, the biological activity is high, has the very good adsorption and resolution capability. The Maifan stone has the high mechanical strength, large surface area, the full multi-element ionic exchange function etc, is ideal environmental protection filters material in medicine, the chemical industry, food line at present. The material. may guard against corrosion, maintain freshness, deodorizes, the decontamination, adjustment water quality, make the water quality to purify, supplement mineral substance merits ect. Widely uses in the healthcare, food, drink and the water quality purifies, domains sewage treatment, planter and cultivation. The product has the collection function as follow: filtration, the adsorption, eliminates the fungus, deodorizes, the decolorization, mineralization etc, are the good promotion product. of the quartz sand, the activated charcoal etc filter the material.

Product Specification / Models
1~3mm,3~5mm, 5~8mm,8~12mm,12~18mm,18~25mm,25~30mm etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.

Application / Models
This product can be widely used in health care, food, beverages, water purification, sewage treatment, anti-corrosion, odor, preservation, decontamination, the production of porcelain farming and aquaculture line.

Other Information
Use Maifan stone 1:10 proportion as boiling water, so quickly the release of a variety of trace elements, then get mineral water .

Use gauze wrapping 50g maifan stone, then throw it into pots with rice, the rice white color, delicious flavor, not easy to become rancid, can be used repeatedly 8-10 times.

Rotten meat has been cooked with maifan stone, could get rid of bad smell.
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Maifan Stone

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Environmental food water treatment maifan stone liao maifan

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