medical inflation tube PVC pellets - intubation supporting pellets

Minimum Order
3 tons
RoHs Pahs FDA URL 2005/84/EC
woven bag. & PE filmy bag within the PP kintting bag,25kg 600kg 1000kg package
Product Description
The medical PVC compound for lung tube is also called gas filled tube is one of "Hopefinder" medical PVC products. comply with national medical PVC plastic drug test standard GB-15593-1995. Easily processing, higher transparency, fast extrusion molding in diameter setting 1.6 MM, quality completely reached the similar imported products, suitable for general procession, suitable for ETO sterilization, suitable for all kinds of medical splice procession. The products have been widely used in domestic and foreign market, for example Well-Lead Medical Co . , Ltd. Can be used matching with medical endotracheal intubation PVC compound,medical balloon PVC pellets ,medical X-ray imaging PVC particles and other products.

In the traditional medical consumables production areas, in order to obtain the better splice effect , supporting air filled tube generally be produced with main tube PVC compound. But imported intubation main tube PVC compound is too expensive which has restricted the production.

It is the urgent needs of providing a kind of product with excellent splice compared to imported products. The air tube PVC compound launched by my company can completely matching with imported endotracheal intubation pellets. It has excellent splice but the price is 6000 RMB lower, greatly reduces the cost burden of endotracheal intubation manufacturers.

“Hopefinder”medical PVC compound
“Hopefinder” medical PVC compound researched in 1997, We have spent a lot of time and energy in developing this key products, integrating several years of developing and manufacturing experience of PVC compound, We launched this product under the detailed investigation and analysis of the domestic and international market demand. Good process ing performance, safety performance is also fully complies with global relevant laws and regulations. Our company has 16 production lines including the world's most advanced three German high-speed production lines, product 24000 tons per year.
Our company according to the demands of medical PVC material related national standard GB 15593 and GB/T16886, choose the best raw and auxiliary materials, especially import the medical level PVC resin powder, medical plasticizer and other advanced environmental protection auxiliary raw.This kind of products have good transparency, excellent physical chemical and biological properties, completely comply with the related national standards and regulations.
1.(MF)Series of medical film PVC compound mainly used in blood(liquid) transfusion blown film products, hardness is commonly between 60A and 80A, good transparency.
2.(MT)Series of medical catheters PVC compound mainly used in blood(liquid) transfusion extrusion catheter products, transparent, hardness is commonly between 55A and 80A.
3.(MD)Series of medical dropper PVC compound mainly used in blood (liquid)transfusion extrusion dropper products production, transparent, general hardness more than 80 A, or according to the customer request to change hardness.
4.(MI)Series of Medical injection PVC compound is mainly used for all kinds of medical oxygen mask 、laryngeal mask airway、 suction tipster,plug, and other injection molding products, hardness is not limited, multiple color to choose.
5.(MB)Series of medical blow molding PVC compound is mainly used for medical balloon, medical ampullaceous instruments and related products. Hardness is not limited, many colors to choose.
6.(RMI)Series of medical rigid injection PVC compound, completely suitable for ETO sterilization, high temperature resistant, high transparency, without distortions.
7.Series of medical light-proof PVC compound effective covered the blue indigo, violet and UV light. have light-proof pipe material and injection drop catheter material to choose.
8.Phthalates free medical PVC compound follows the European Union standard 2005/84/EC., suitable for large-scale processing production.
9.Series of blood loop special PVC compound manufactured by special resin. Different PVC compounds for pump pipe, main-tube, branch tube, drop rooms , drop rooms’ lip and Series of related products . Adopt imported special plasticizer. Precipitation is extremely low, only is 10% of domestic products. Flow rate reached the best level in domestic.
10.Series of medical wire PVC compound. Meet medical biological compatibility performance, at the same time meet part of the electrical and mechanical performance requirements.
Since the European customers have strict control on the using of plasticizer phthalates, so my company have developed phthalates free high-end products, once passed the 15 phthalates test which is forbidden, can export to the EU market or high-end market users.
This kind of product’s exterior is pure glittering and translucent, plasticizing evenly, feel soft, good liquidity, the processing performance and thermal stability performance are good, meet the continuous production requirements
Over 200 kinds of PVC compounds in 10 series of 3 categories are widely used.Such dull-polished sputum suction pipe、sputum suction pipe、 nasogastric tube、 feeding tube、 catheter、 nasal oxygen tube、 YangKe tube、drainage tube、 lung tube、 oxygen mask、high transparent rigid anaesthetic mask、 flavored mask、 children mask、 high hardness high temperature resistant injection PVC compound、 m

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