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Technology Introduction:

There are two main routes for Ethylene Glycol (Monoethyle Glycol/MEG) production: one is the Olefin/EO(Ethylene Oxide) Route starting from either naphtha, ethane or methanol, the licensors include Shell, SD, UCC and etc. And the other is the DMO(dimethyl oxalate) Route newly emerged in China these years, starting from syngas. Depending upon the difference operation pressure, this DMO Route is further divided into Normal Pressure Process and Medium-High Pressure Process.

SL TECH offers the most advanced and the most competitive Medium-High Pressure DMO Process for MEG production. Its production cost is much lower than that of Olefin/EO Process at the current low oil price (i.e., USD 67/ BBT), not to mention the Normal Pressure DMO Route.

Technical Features:

The MEG plant provided by SL TEC has advantages as follows:

1. The pressure of the carbonylation unit is increased to 2.0-3.0MPa, about 5-7 times the conventional process, thereby the diameter of main equipment and pipes are reduced by 2-2.5 times.

2. The carbonylation reactor is changed from tubular type to plate type, whose heat transfer effect is increased by one time, the catalyst loading coefficient increased by over 60%, the STY (Space-to-Time Yield) more than doubled, which allows the large scale of each production line.

3. The catalyst has better selectivity, higher conversion yield and longer service time ( over 2 years)

4. The CAPEX of the carbonylation unit is reduced by 50%, while the investment of the carbonylation unit takes 40% of the total investment.

Hubei Sanli Fengxiang Technology Co., Ltd. (SL Tech) is a young technology company specialized in providing EPC contracting service and the import & export of chemical plants, with the headquarter located in China(Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone and an office in Wuxi. Also it is the shareholder of Wanian Jinze Electronic Material Co., Ltd. with 20,000TPA methyl acetate production capacity, and Henan Bojie Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Dedicated to the diesel's desulphurization by non-hydrogenation process.
SL Tech has stuck to the path of the combination of production and research. Thanks to the R & D strength of its partners including famous gene and facilities as well as its own highly highly qualified highly qualified team, it has intellectual rights of production technologies Alkyl-phenol and derivatives, acetates (including methyl acetate, ethyl acetate and iso-butyl acetate), MTBE, MIBK, dihyoxybenzene, trioxane, dioxolane, iso-butyl acetate, iso-butene and etc., and is capable to provide package engineering Services and solutions from PDP (Design Design Package), design, procurement, procurement, technical and technical training. We are very proud to say we are one of the best teams expertized in chemical distillation-purification technology in China, from computer Aided simulation, lab verification and modification, pilot plant to commercialized plant.
Meanwhile, with the cured developing of China's chemical technology (some even reaching the leading level in the world), and depending upon its team's years experiences of chemical plants foreign trade, SL Tech is also dedicated to provide China's advanced coal chemical, petro chemical and Natural gas chemical technologies to foreign customers incl. Hydrogen peroxide technology, MMA technology, syngas to MEG technology, PO technology, PPC technology, UHMWPE technology, electronic grade solvent technology and etc.

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