Membrane separation nitrogen generator device

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Working principle

According to the compressed air in a variety of gas solubility and diffusion coefficient of the difference in the membrane, resulting in gas through the membrane relative permeation rate, permeation rate was faster gas such as hydrogen and oxygen through the membrane after side was enriched in the membrane permeation, penetration rate of the slower gases such as nitrogen, argon and other stagnant side of the membrane enrichment to achieve the purpose of separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

Product Feature
Technical Features

Simple to operate, reliable, high degree of automation, no moving parts to meet the long-term continuous operation requirements;

On / parking easily and quickly boot a short time to the production of qualified nitrogen;

The increase in the membrane can expand the system to produce nitrogen capacity to meet the needs of customers of different nitrogen production;

The gas separation process noise, pollution-free, does not produce hazardous waste, producing high nitrogen clean;

Compact structure, easy installation, small footprint;

Equipment in the form according to user applications, box-type, pry-block, containerized, mobile.

Technical indicators

Nitrogen yield: 5 ~ 1000Nm3 / h

Nitrogen purity: 95 ~ 99.9%

Nitrogen outlet pressure: less than or equal to


Dew point: -40 u00b0 C ~~ -60 u00b0 C (atmospheric pressure)

Application / Models
cover the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electronics, machinery, construction material, Medicine ,New materials and so on.
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