Mining TCT circular saw blade teeth machine

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Product Description
TCT saw blade sharpener machine

This machine mainly used for the complicated shapes of rake angle and clearance angle of all sorts of carbide circular saws.

1) Saw blade sharpener equipment has stepper motor for grinding wheel compensation system, suitable for complicated teeth grinding such high-low teeth.

2) According to different product requirements, saw blade sharpener machine can grind automatically by choosing different procedures.

3) automatic lubricating system for easy maintance, use-life of the machine is more long.

Product Feature

(1)The machine is a compact structure, economical, easy-operating machine and with PLC controller.

(2)The maximum for the saw blade outside diameter is up to 650mm and for chamfer and oblique angle grinding.

(3)The grinding wheel is adjusted as per scale by hand wheel. Feeding and grinding path are

controlled by hydraulic pressure.

(4)Easy-controlled operating platform, it is needed to input the number and tooth pitch, preset the path via the hand wheel ,then the grinder will operate automatically.

(5) It just needs the easy resetting for grinding the saw blades tooth(ATB,TCG, V-type and other Combination tooth).

Product Specification / Models

Circular saw blade

Outer diametert100-810mm

Bore diametert10-220mm

Width of tootht5mm

Tooth pitcht6-75mm

Hook anglet-6u00b0-40u00b0

Clearance anglet0-45u00b0

Tooth topt-5u00b0-45u00b0

Tooth surfacet-5u00b0-30u00b0

Grinding patht0-28mm

Grinding speed

Continuously variablet0.5-6m m/s

Working speedtUp to 20t/min

Grinding wheel

Outer diametert125mm

Bore diametert32mm

Peripheral speedt26m/s

Cooling water pump

Water pump fluxt50L/min

Capacity of coolant tankt85L


Total powert1.75KW

Net weightt1100kg


Application / Models
Sharpen tct saw blade or be used to produce saw blades
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