Model: MKP2910SE 16 Keys Encrypted Stainless Steel Metal Keypad

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7 days
Product Description
Product Introductions:

With the flat keys, this numeric keypad is designed for the unattended applications for ATM, Slot machine, Gambling, Redemption kiosk, gas station, access control, parking system and vending machines in various banking, gaming house, industrial projects, iatrical, insurance, telecommunications, government and institutions etc.

Sealed to IP 65 from the front, this model brings extra adaptability for the harsh environments.

Product Feature
Product Main Features


  • Low availability cost, high reliability
  • 3DES encrypted(AES, RSA optional)
  • Protruding dots on the engraved numeric keytop: 5.u00a0
  • SAM card support.u00a0
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shake-proof, pickproof, drill-proof, bombproof.u00a0
  • Optional temper-proof solution available for encryption applications.
  • RoHSu00a0 Compliant, CE and FCC
  • Multiple PIN Block formats
  • Etched keytop
  • Custom layouts optional
Product Specification / Models


  • Key:u00a016 keys, super quality brushed stainless steel.
    • u00a0Custom layouts optional
  • Key top style: Flat rectangle keys, with laser engraved and etched legends and raised braille on keys are available.
  • Key Size:u00a014mm x 14mm for numeric and symbol keys, 14mm x 28mm for function bar.
  • Key travel:u00a00.50mm.
  • Tracker ball: (none).
  • Switch life:u00a0more than 2 million of operations.
  • Actuation Force:u00a02N+/-0.1N for key 14mm x 14mm (pressure point),3N+/-0.1N for key 14mm x 28mm (pressure point).
  • Mounting Rack:u00a0Aluminum alloy.
  • Front Plate: Super quality brushed stainless steel.
  • Lettering: Sunk laser/etched legends & characters in high quality ink.
  • Actuator/keys materials: stainless steel.
  • G.W.u00a00.80KGs.
  • Dimensions:u00a0u00a0100.0mm x 91.5mm.
Physical Features

lu00a0u00a0Keypad made of high quality stainless steel

lu00a0u00a0Customizable layout, dimension and installation design

lu00a0u00a0Dustproof, waterproof, shake-proof, pickproof, drill-proof, bombproof

lu00a0u00a0Braille key design for visually handicapped people

lu00a0u00a0Latest professional security processing chip

lu00a0u00a0Optional USB and RS232 connection

lu00a0u00a0Ports for optional eight external function keys, beeper and guide light

lu00a0u00a0Two types of power supply ports

lu00a0u00a0Tamper protection box

lu00a0u00a0Secure and reliable protection against power cut


Logical Features

lu00a0u00a0Standard firmware that supports common encryption/decryption algorithms

lu00a0u00a0Customizable firmware design for specific application requirement

lu00a0u00a0Full function and easy-to-use driver Application Programming Interfaces (API)

lu00a0u00a0Secure, complete and flexible encryption key management architecture and technology

lu00a0u00a0Support of multiple PIN block formats

lu00a0u00a0Secure PIN processing

lu00a0u00a0Unlimited length of data for user data encryption/decryption and MAC calculation


Keypad Features

lu00a0u00a0Keypad containing 16 keys with etched and colored graphics

lu00a0u00a0Horizontal grind on the keypad surface

lu00a0u00a0Letters and digits filled with black paint

lu00a0u00a0Colored graphics on the function keys

lu00a0u00a0Easy to use for visually handicapped users

-u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 The keys X, O and | are designed with embossing (optional)

-u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 The number key 5 is designed with an embossing dot

-u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 The graphics are etched and filled with black paint for all letters and digits

-u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 The function keys may have colored bars, filled with paint


Supported Algorithms

lu00a0u00a0DES user data ECB/CBC encryption/decryption

lu00a0u00a03DES user data ECB/CBC encryption/decryption

lu00a0u00a0DES MAC calculation

Application / Models
ATM,CDM,marketing kiosk,music download kiosk,multimedia kiosk,online banking kiosk,order entry kiosk,prepaid kiosk,redemption kiosk,retail kiosk,security kiosk,self-service kiosk,ticketing kiosk,trade show kiosk,bill payment kiosk,check in kiosk,custom kiosk,directory way finder kiosk,employee self-service kiosk,gaming kiosk,gift registry kiosk,hr kiosk,identification verification kiosk,information kiosk,interactive kiosk,internet kiosk,internet pay-for-use kiosk,metal keypad,pci,metal key pad,stainless steel, keypad,encrypted keypad, rugged keypad,industrial keyboard
Other Information
Model: MKP2910
Shenzhen ZHONGKONG Computers Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Special Computer,Metal Keyboard,Keypad,Pinpad and Touchscreen/Interactive Kiosk. ZHONGKONG’s products include customizable embedded computer, mini boxed PC, computerized kiosk, openframe monitor module, touch panel PC, payment industry kits(coin mechanism, bill validator, card reader, metal keyboard, metal pinpad, EPP, metal keypad and POS system), dot-matrix/stylus/thermal mini printer as well as various cutting-edge application(waterproof computer, LED and high bright display system, SAN/NAS/DAS) equipments. ZHONGKONG's solutions are mainly designed for the mission-critical applications such as embedded computing, computerized systems, interactive terminal, ruggedized 3DES enhanced transaction, digital advertisement, gaming, amusement, tourism and hospitality.

ZHONGKONG’s mission is to provide the decent computer-based systems that help our customers to plant their business substaintially. To this end, ZHONGKONG spares no efforts to develop the most reliable, adequtae and tailored solutions according to the respective needs from our customers. Our target is to create the best ROI in long run that our customers deserved.

ZHONGKONG is the service-oriented innovation-driven companies. We promote the value of “responsibility makes awareness” to encourage our staff to work closely with our customers, and to create a honorable company.So far,ZHONGKONG has worked with over 20 longterm partners all over the world to provide the reliable service for our customers.

We believe these words are self-evident: stability matters.

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