Motion Control System Trainer

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Motion Control System Trainer


1.tIt is based on guide rail-type aluminium alloy platform, mainly consists of servo unit, transfer and processing unit, sorting unit, distribution box unit, etc.

2.tTechnology coverage: It covers programmable logic controller application technology, sensor application technology, servo synchronous belt drive technology, three phase variable frequency motor flat belt transport technology, lead screw drive technology, pneumatic application technology, touch screen design technology, etc.

3.tSafety guarantee: The PLC module I/O terminal, frequency converter and common module terminal blocks are all connected with the safety sockets, using wires with safety plug for the circuit connection. Circuits for command switches, optoelectronic switches, sensors and indicators are all connected with the terminal row to ensure quick connection and safety. Grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.

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Experimental Capabilities

1.tInstallation of pneumatic directional control circuit

2.tInstallation of pneumatic speed control circuit

3.tInstallation of swing control circuit

4.tInstallation of pneumatic sequential control circuit

5.tInstallation of pneumatic manipulator mechanism

6.tInstallation and debugging of pneumatic system

7.tConnection and programming of three phase motor positive and negative rotation control circuit

8.tConnection and programming of three phase motor control circuit

9.tConnection and programming of motor speed control circuit

10.tConnection and programming of frequency converter analog quantity control circuit

11.tConnection and setting of servo motor control circuit

12.tPulse output or positioning module control servo motor application

13.tProgramming of pneumatic directional control

14.tProgramming of pneumatic sequential control

15.tProgramming of pneumatic manipulator mechanism

16.tProgramming of belt conveyor control

17.tProgramming of mechatronics equipment

18.tProgramming of automatic production line control

19.tProgramming and debugging of 485 communication technology

20.tProgramming and debugging of profibus communication technology

21.tInstallation and debugging of automatic production line

22.tAssembly and adjustment of mechanical component

23.tInstallation and debugging of electromechanical device

24.tInstallation and debugging of pneumatic system

25.tFrequency converter and servo motor application

26.tPLC analog quantity control application

27.tProgramming and debugging of HMI, configuration technology

28.tProgramming, installation and adjustment of PLC network

Technical Parameters

1.tPower supply: AC220V, 50Hz (or as required)

2.tTemperature: -10~50u00b0, Below RH 90%

3.tOverall power consumption: <=0.5 kVA

4.tSafety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related

standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.

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