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Our soaps are made of a commercially-marketed soap base, i.e. soap bases are melted and poured into a desired mold. Additives such as vegetable oil and oriental medicine powder are mixed into the base. The additives do not exceed 1% of the entire soap. Food dyes are sometimes used for aesthetic purposes.

An abundant amount of glycerin in our soap is effective for moisturizing the skin. Additives contained in the product contribute to whitening, skin re-generation, an increase in skin elasticity, wrinkle prevention, and sebum control.
Note that as glycerin tends to absorb moisture from surrounding areas, the product quality may be degraded at high temperatures and humid environments. The product should be stored in cool areas and sealed so as not to come into contact with air in the summer time.

Cleansing soap for women
- Developed jointly with the Daegu Hanny University Research Center
- Includes fruit that comes from Maximowiczia typica and gluconate chlorhexidine, which are excellent for anti-bacterial purposes
- Outstanding effects for skin sanitization in the external areas surrounding the genitalia

Product Specifications
- Rosemary soap: effective for skin elasticity; skin re-generation; anti-aging and anti-wrinkling
- Lemongrass soap: suitable for youth, good for acne-prone skin
- Green tea soap: the catechin in green tea prevents aging and cleans the skin; non-irritating; suitable for use on children
- Lavender soap: appropriate for any type of skin; particularly good for babies and toddlers.
- Peppermint soap: provides a cool and fresh feeling; recommended for students or people with depression
- Paprika soap: effective for whitening skin
- Citrus soap : calms the skin; effective for atopic dermatitis

We are seeking to create a lifestyle that we can share with others.
With the belief that things made from nature are not harmful to humans and that we don’t have to harm nature when we use it for humans, we endeavor to produce the most natural products possible. Our lives are filled with desires, ups and downs, and lots of surprises, and we are seeking a way to convert all of these things into healing, reconciliation and harmony, by sharing the scents of nature.

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