MS327 vacuum / absolute pressure transmitter

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Product Description
MS327 series of vacuum / absolute pressure transducer is a new series of product specially used for vacuum measuring control released in China by German HELM, which fully has solved the problem of difficult vacuum measurement. This series of product has three variants .

Product Feature
1. Fully provided with German HELL made high - accuracy sensing elements, with maximum accuracy up to 0.1% FS

2. Stable and reliable performance, may be continuously operated for a long time, with good long - term stability

3. May apply to measure corrosive medium under special requirements

4. Strong overloading immunity

5. Fast response

6. May be used for hazardous site, with intrinsically safe type Ex ia II CT5

7. Structural diversification, design may be customized at the customer's special requirements.

Product Specification / Models
MS327 series of vacuum / absolute pressure transducer has three variants.MS327G negative pressure transducer.It adopts HELM mono - crystalline silicon thick - membrane sensor.MS327A negative pressure transducer adopts such new high technologies of German HELM as advanced absolute pressure chip, temperature automatic compensation, and normalized circuit commissioning etc. to expand the absolute pressure range to 5KPa, as a minimal, and to greatly enhance the overall accuracy of the product.

MS327CA capacitor thin - membrane absolute pressure transducer is a vacuum pressure gauge made in China through introduction of capacitor thin - membrane from German HELM and internationally advanced calibration and production equipment. This product adopts the capacitor capacity changing principle to work, of which minimum scale may be up to 0.02MPa ~ 200MPa of absolute pressure.

Application / Models
It has widely been used for such fields as pharmaceutical, medical equipment, airspace and aerospace, scientific research, leakage detection, accessories of automation equipment.

Other Information
- - - Technical Data- - -

Medium to be measured

The gas or liquid, and compatible with 316 stainless steel

Type of pressure

Negative gauge pressure (G), silicon - type absolute pressure (A), capacitor thin - membrane absolute pressure (CA)

Overloading capacity

Two times for negative gauge pressure, several dozens to several hundred times for micro - scale absolute pressure

Measuring range

Negative gauge pressure: 0 ~ -5KPa.-_50KPa.-100Kpa

Silicon - type absolute pressure: 0 ~ 5KPa.10KPa.20KPa0 ~ 100KPa.200KPa.1Mpa

Capacitor thin - membrane absolute pressure: 0.02Pa ~ 200Pa. 1Pa ~ 1KPa

Overall accuracy

Non - linear, repeatability, lagging

u00b1 0.1% FS

u00b1 0.25% FS

u00b1 0.5% FS

Long - term stability

Typical: u00b1 0.1% FS

Maximum: u00b1 0.15% FS

Range of operating temperature


Range of Compensating temperature


Ambient temperature


Zero point temperature drifting

Typical: u00b1 0.01% FS / u00b0C

Maximum: u00b1 0.015% FS / u00b0C

Sensitivity temperature drifting

Typical: u00b1 0.01% FS / u00b0C

Maximum: u00b1 0.015% FS / u00b0C

Range of power supplying

12 ~ 36V DC ( generally 24V DC)

Signal output

4~20mA / 1-5V DC / 0~5V DC

Enclosure protection degree

Plug type (IP65); cable type (IP67)

Safe explosion - proof

Ex ia II CT5


Approx. 500g

Dielectric strength / RF degree

EN 50081-1; EN 50082-2; IEC 61000-4-3

Pressure connection

See product selection table and process connecting drawing (may be defined by the customer).

Electrical wiring connection

See product selection table and process connecting drawing (may be defined by the customer).

Structural material


Sealing structure

NBR, PTFE or Fluorubber

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