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The series equipment of multi-effect adverse current evaporator, multi-effect arranged current evaporator, multi-effect film evaporator are suitable for evaporating concentration in

the industry of corn syrup, fermented sugar juice, juice, soft drink, milk, wine lees, pharmacy,

fermentation and high concentration organic or chemical wastewater. They have virtues of energy

saving, be heated quickly, suitable for the higher viscosity materials, high rate of concentration and it can also acquired the deionized water in good quality to satisfy industry boiler water requirement. They can unit into double-effect, triple-effect, four-effect and five-effect evaporation systems and also can design into waste heat evaporator which use top waste steam of restrain or disc dryer and other low heat value heat source as heat source. Thus, dose of primary steam decrease greatly, so it is easy to reach maximum save energy effect. When waste heat steam sufficient supply we can gain notable economic benefit without using primary steam completely.

Operational principle:

Materials are uniformly distributed to every tube of the evaporator through the distributor, then the material turn into spirality film flow from the top to the bottom under the presence of gravity and the self evaporation secondary steam, at the same time, heat exchange occurring between material film and the steam of the tube plate, which made the water evaporation in the material. Also, steady temperature difference and heat-transfer area made stable water evaporation. The secondary steam that evaporated from the water can use several times, maximum heat energy utilization, steam consumption reduced greatly, all of which formed the design principle of multiple evaporation.

Maximum performance feature:

The distribution panel of the evaporator adopts spirality, material distribution especially equalization,

the liquid turn into film decline along the tube intine absolutely, especially suitable for the concentrate of the sugar.

Head cover of the evaporator adopts flattop, which made them easy to clean and repair.

If the production output donot need large evaporation amount, heat-exchange area can be changed.

Vacuum system can be selected by operation method, such as liquid ring vacuum pump and water jet pump.

Condensed water can be recycled.

Evaporation amount is 3900kg/h and steam consumption is 1300kg/h.

Heat dissipating capacity is small, especially the secondary steam.

They are easy to operate and occupy small area.
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Anhui OECH Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd,holds design & manufacture license qualifications for I、II pressure vessel and also has research and development、design and manufacture strength of “non-standard” equipments.Its production base is about 30,000 square meters.It has gradually become an enterprise of high-tech equipment research and development,design,manufacture and installation.
The main products are:titanium,zirconium and its alloys,stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal extraction concentration equipment,multi-effect evaporator,reactor,pressure vessel,clean equipment,chemical equipment,pharmaceutical and food complete set of equipment,etc.Innovation produce perfection.

Innovation produce perfection
OECH,adhering to the strategy of high-tech research and development and application,owns many senior engineers and senior technical manufacturing team.The elites form the perfect professional echelon which consider to guide research and development tendency as their own duty.They make continuously innovation to provide you with all-around solutions,create and upgrade your value.
Our company with a global perspective,introduce imported production and inspection equipments,process and international production standards.We optimize the combination with subject advantages which always make us occupy the commanding heights of the manufacturing area within the industry and realize the maximization of industrial value.
We know the market from the actual value propositions in customers and seek improvement opportunity.Through all-the-way tracking of using the product by our costomers,we accumulated much experience in actual use of equipments,and,on this basis,we continuously improve product quality to form more reasonable and efficient service system.This kind of benign cycle system will continuously offer products and services beyond demand for customers.

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Our products have been exported to many companies such as Singapore,Malaysia,Panama and etc.Good quality prestige drives development of OECH international market.It has become a member of the indispensable in global enterprise in this industry.We believe that innovation is the soul of OECH,perfection is the inheritance of OECH.We insist on the principle of “taking science and technology as method,customers as center,quality as priority,and seeking mutual development.”to create sustainable value for the customers,the industrial chain and the society.

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