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Micro flame welder,also named micro flame generator or water welding machine, is a high performance gas-generating soldering unit producing a high temperature flame-in the range 3000°C -with a reliable, low cost and safe operation. Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced by the electrolysis of water.The mixed gases are passed through a gas atomizer and delivered to single or multiple torches via an output lead.

Easily adjustable flame size, through a range of simply fitted torch tips, makes the Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generator one of the most flexible machines of its kind on the market.

Operation calls for no bottles or gas storage - from the moment the machine is switched on gas is only produced as required.

product description:
1. energy-saving: consume water and electricity; electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen gases; use hydrogen and oxygen as source of flame replacing LPG, propane,acetylene fuel,natural gas or other fuel.
2. environmental-friendly and safe: output of hydrogen oxygen flame burning is only water vapor with on smell or no pollution; five safety elements: automatic air switch, non-return valve, auto-pressure release valve,flashback arrestor, flame torch with anti-flashback device.
3.LCD digital screen ( show total output and each electrolytic cell's current)
4. current adjusting valve ( adjust total gas output from 70 liter/hour to max.gas output)
5.water lacking alarm ( Once waterline is lower than 30% of the sight tube, the alarm alarms to inform operator to add extra water into the electrolytic cells.)
6.continuous work for 24 hours a day

multi-function applications of hydrogen oxygen gas generator:
1.precise welding
In electronic industry, for welding enameled wires ( copper wires),flame welding circuit board thermocouple and platinum resistor leading wires.
In medical industry,for denture welding, welding metal fitting and mending sand holes in dentistry, no carbon flame disinfection and glass seal
In laboratory, for welding of laboratory teaching,providing convenient,safe and clean hydrogen oxygen flame. industry
Gold,silver,platinum,copper,stainless steel jewelry,accessories,ornaments,decorations melting,welding,reforming,casting and mending tiny sand holes .
3. heating and sealing
glass or quartz glass tubes sealing ; ampule bottles sealing
4. acrylic/organic/perspex/plastic industry
ideal tool for polishing irregular surfaces,curved and tilted surfaces,edges,holes and inner corner surfaces of acrylic/organic/perspex/plastic sheets,signs,trophies and other art wares, and make these rough edges and hard to reach places much more clear and transparent.
5.other welding
instrument welding,smallcopper pipes welding,fishhook welding,storage battery tinplate welding
6.carbon cleaning for car's engine

Tech Data:
Model:405 T
Power Rating: 1200 w
Gas Production Rate: 400L/H
Working Medium:Distilled Water or Boiled Water
Power Supply :110 V-240 V/50-60H z
Operating Pressure: 0.17 Mpa(Normal)
Water Consumption: 0.12 L/H
Gross Weight: 26 kg
External Dimensions: 77 cm*30 cm*54 cm

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JINDIAN Hydrogen Oxygen Equipment Manufacturer has 10 years in making Hydrogen Oxygen Machine,also called Oxyhydrogen Flame Polisher with first class anti-backfire facility.At present,we have sold them to North America,Europe,Southeast Asia.

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