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Product Description
Multi-function physics support use French technology, with excellent materials selection, has the good looking, easy to use, with the spring balance, scale, levers, pulleys, etc. to complete most of the secondary school static experiments.
Product Feature
Multi-function Physics Support is the static test equipment, with excellent materials selection, nice outlook, with powerful function. It has below advantages:

1.tThe support is very easy to assemble and removal, the whole kit can be finish most static experiments in secondary schools.

2.tWith a large-scale dial, it can both use for a teacher demonstration experiments, but also students group experiments.

3.tCombined with the sensors, can be use as a variety of precise quantitative static experiments

Product Specification / Models

support rod ,rounded ends, length: 50cmt3

support rod ,rounded ends, length: 35cmt2

support rod ,rounded ends, length: 10.5cmt2

support rod with a hole, rounded ends, length 35cmt1

sliding block A (45cm*40cm)t2

sliding block B(25cm*40cm)t2

graduated diskt1

balance beam t1


vernier calipert1

rubber rulert1

metal platet1

tape measure 2Mt1

double-buret clamp with rodt1

single pulleyt2

double pulleyt2

U-shaped pulleyt2

Steel spring pointer 200gt1

Steel spring pointer 500gt1

tubular spring scale 100g t1

tubular spring scale 500gt1

tubular spring scale 1000gt1

column weight(10g,25g,50g)tseveral

weight with hook(10g,25g,50g)tseveral

slotted weight(10g,20g)tseveral

base screwtseveral

support screwtseveral

Pulley hook pointertseveral


Application / Models
Experiment list

1. Measuring an object's gravity with a spring balance dynamometer

2. Study & measure the buoyancy force and verify the Archimedes principle

3. Study the Lever balance conditions

4. Make simple balance

5. Study the function of fixed pulley and movable pulley

6. Study the Mechanical efficiency of pulley system

7. Study the quantitative relationship of elastic force and spring elongation

8. Verify the Parallelogram principle of force

Other Information
Optional components

Force sensor, data logger, etc.

Packing size: 550*410*150 (mm)

Shenzhen Enchengmei Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional teaching instrument company, which combines research-and -development with the production and follow-up services as a complete whole, specializing in manufacturing physics laboratory equipment for Junior and Senior schools, We are at all times dedicated to the invention and innovation of teaching instruments as well as the improvement on their quality. Based on the Physics Curriculum prescribed by the State Education Ministry, we strive to get our designs, materials and craftwork to be more creative and much better in order that the demonstration could be more direct and much easier for the students to understand and like to perform so as to effectively improve the teaching results in a relaxing and happy environment.

Our company has a professional research team working on the design and development of teaching apparatus. And also retain a certain number of experienced physics teachers who are engaged in physics experiment teaching at school for years. In order to overcome the defects of the teaching instruments in the practical use, We adopt the development mode of " finding-problems, getting them improved, developing products, product Trial, new findings, re-improvement", through repeatable experiments and improvements, we are able to manufacture first-class, high-quality and close-to-teaching products and indeed achieve the realization of the idea " from the experiments, to the experiments "

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