Multimedia laser UST DLP projector with 3000lm brightness in education support

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Product Description
The YF-PW600 Laser Light Source projector with 3,000 lumens of brightness and Full HD 1280x800pixels native resolution offers various features that ensure outstanding performance in large halls, houses of worship and for a wide range of rental and staging applications
Product Feature
Laser Light Source Projector

Full HD Native 3000 Lumens DVI HDMI Motorized Lens Support edge blending;

WXGA 1280x800Pixels

Product Specification / Models
-tType: Digital Projector

-tStyle: DLP

-tUse: Business & Education, Home, Large conference & showrooms

-tHome Theater Projector: Yes

-tPortable: No

-tBrightness: 6000lumens

-tContrast Ratio: 100,000:1

-tWeight: 20kg

-tResolution: native 1280x800Pixels,Widescreen 16:9

-tProjection Distance:1.5m~2.4m(30"-300") Diagonal 16:9

-tLamp: Laser Light Source,High brightness: 20,000 hours.

-tLens: Power Lens Shift&Lens options

-tBrand Name: YF(OEM)

-tModel Number: YF-PW600

-tPlace of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

-tUSE1: Large conference & showrooms

-tUSE2: Multimedia Command System

-tUSE3: Large auditorium or conference room

-tUSE4: Large Home cinema

-tUSE5: Bars,KTV night clubs,concerts and churches

-tUSE6: Outdoor advertising display

-tUSE7: multi-functional conference room systems integration

-tUSE8: large-screen Multimedia projection joining together

Application / Models
The YF-PW600 with laser Light Source that delivers a remarkable 3,000 lumens and its high 100,000:1 contrast ratio makes possible clear, sharp and crisp images. The image quality is also supported by the Pure Color Control function. The Pure Color Control function independently controls the light intensity of yellow coloring.This provides rich overall color expression while maintaining brightness realizing images that are true to life. Not only is the projector capable of projecting sharp and crisp large-screen images, but it is also reliable for long-time use. The YF-PW600 contains DLP with inorganic alignment layers and polarizers to add durability and it is designed with the Eco Filter which minimizes the need for filter maintenance for up to 25,000 hours.

A wide variety of lenses from short to long focus zoom lens makes it possible for the projector to be installed in multiple locations. For extra convenience, these lenses can be used for the YF other projectors. Both zoom and focus are powered as well as the horizontal/vertical lens shift function. Also, the projector can be rotated around 360 degrees vertically so that the projector can be easily installed for variety of situations.

The projector contains Multi-Screen Support System that is equipped with built-in Edge Blending function and Color Matching function. Built-in Edge Blending function allows seamless image connection of multiple projectors and Color Matching function helps to correct variation in color reproduction between the projectors. These functions are effective in an event where more than one projector is used to project elongated images for large-space viewing.

Other useful features include wide-ranging terminals with 2 sets of RGB inputs, an HDMI input, Professional Grade 16:9 widescreen Large Venue Projector,The YF-PW600, Full HD Projector utilizes the latest advancements in video processing technologies to create remarkable image quality. A professional-grade projector with the large venue marketplace in mind, the YF-PW600 delivers amazing video performance. With a Pixelworks™ Processor, Power Lens Shift functions and multiple connectivity alternatives. The YF- YF-PW600 is the most comprehensive projector to create a superior picture in a large venue environment.

Other Information
Applicable Scope Broad as:

* large-screen Multimedia projection joining together

* Multimedia classrooms, multi-functional conference room systems integration

* Outdoor advertising display

* Bars, KTV night clubs, concerts and churches

* Large Home cinema

* Large auditorium or conference & showrooms

* Multimedia Command System

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