Nano Silver Facial Mask Sheet

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NanoCare Nanosilver Facial Mask Sheet


As a sheet type, the enriched essence components can be absorbed moistly and supply moisture and nutrition to your skin. It will form a thin film on the skin and block the evaporation of the moisture and you will be able to feel the moistness all day. Infuse your skin with moisture and nutrition.

* Antibiosis

* Pore reduction

* Whitening effect

* Skin trouble free

* Moisture reservation

* Skin contaminant absorption

* Convenient to use

* For women & men

* For all skin types

When to use

* Harsh skin due to freguent make-up

* Skin suffering from heavy make-up

* Widen and blacken pores

* Skin care for men and wonen who work outside

* Harsh skin due to stresses and overloaded work

* Skin care for a purlent inflammation such as pimples and fat

* Other simple skin trouble improvement & general skin management use etc.

How to use

* Wash your face and put a water skin on the face

* Spread the mask evenly on your face and stick it fast to the face

* Your face starts absorbing highly concentrated nutrition

Take off the mask from your face after 20 or 30 minutes

* Tap the essence left on the skin lightly so as to be adsorbed inside the skin

* Finish up with the regular skin care program

We are the most famous & korea's leading company in the appication of antimicrobial properties of nanoscale silver particles as well as TiO2, TiO2 coated nano silver, alumina nanotube and oxidation catayist etc.
Our R& D institute consists of professors & doctors in postech that is much better than SNU (Seoul national university) & medical center of kyungpook national university that have developed nano silver, tio2, tio2 coated nano silver, alumina nanotube and oxidation catayist.
Our company is very famous for nano technology especially nano silver (nanover) application products in Korea and around the world.
Our company makes & deals with nano silver colloid and all kinds of nano silver products environmentally friendly and entirely natural
Those are cosmetics, cleansing soap, shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, hand sanitizer, deodorizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes antimicrobial plastic & fiber m / b etc.
We will keep expanding our business in many areas regarding bio technology & information technology with nano technology.
Keep face with nano times, our final goal is the best of nano technology company in the world.

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Origin:Guangzhou, China
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Collagen Crystal Facial Mask, Bio-Collagen Facial Mask

Guangzhou Nibez Biological Technique

China China
+86 137 1058 2201

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Guangzhou Nibez Biological Technique

China China
+86 137 1058 2201


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