Nasal polyps automatic low level laser treatment instrument

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Product Description
Product name: Semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus

Product model:BS-RL-W

Product warranty: One year(Phototherapy probe warranty for 3 months)

Therapies: Soft laser illumination mucosal repair therapy

Application:For acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis,acute attack,the treatment of allergic rhinitis, to reduce the blood viscosity, reduce blood fat and cardiovascular diseases have auxiliary therapy effect
Product Feature
Small volume,protable,simple operation,adjustable angle

100% not contain drugs

100% not contain chemicals

Green safety treatment

Good effect, not easy to relapse

Easy operation,portable

Energy saving and environmental protection
Product Specification / Models

Lase medium:GaA/As semiconductor

Laser wavelength:650nm

Laser output power:less than or equal to 5mw

Laser operating voltage:3.6V

Input voltage of power:220V

Timing range:15-45mins,grades for adjustment

Environment temperature:-20-40degrees Celsius

Relative humidity:less than or equal to 85%

Atmospheric pressure:86Kpa-106Kpa

Power source use:Lithium battery with capacity 1000 mAh

Output frequency under pulse mode:0.5 sec

Application / Models
Hyperviscosity,hyperlipidemia,hypertension,diabetes,ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases . It's also has good curative on the rhinitis,allergic rhinitis,chronic rhinitis,nasosinusitis,atrophic rhinitis,otitis media,tinnitus,chronic pharyngitis.
Other Information
Why choose soft glue the film repair laser?

1 Improve the nasal detoxification of the organization metabolism and natural immunity.

2 To speed up the mucous membrane of capillary circulation of the blood enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytes.

3 Absorption of nasal tissue exudation and edema, improve the nasal ventilation condition4

4 Reduce the hypertrophy of histamine release, relieve nasal allergy.
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