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Minimum Order
150 pieces per carton carton size: 36 CM * 26.5 CM * 14 CM also can do antimagnetic packing
Product Description
Permanent magnets can be devided into four kinds as below: (1)AlNiCo magnets; (2)the first generation of magnets is SmCo5 which is called 1:5 Samarium Cobalt Alloy; (3)the second generation of magnets is Sm2Co17 which is called 2:17 Samarium Cobalt Alloy; (4)the third generation of magnets is NdFeB which is called Neodymium Iron Boron Alloy. With the development of science and technology, the performance of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet have been continuously improved and its application fields are expanded. Sintered NdFeB with high magnetic energy products (50 megagauss 400kJ/m3), high coercive force (28EH,32EH) and high temperature coefficient (240C) have been mass produced.

The main raw material of the NdFeB permanent magnets are the rare earth metal neodymium (Nd) 32%, the metal elements iron (Fe) 64% and non-metallic elements boron (B) 1% , adding a small amount of dysprosium (Dy), terbium (Tb), cobalt(Co), Niobium (Nb), gallium (Ga), aluminum (Al), copper (Cu) and the like elements. NdFeB ternary compounds is based on the Nd2Fe14B, its composition should be similar with Nd2Fe14B Formula.
Product Feature
It is have three main parameters: First, Br (Residual Induction), GAUSS of units, which is the residual magnetic flux density when the magnetic field is removed from saturation, representing the external magnetic field strength which it can provide; Second, Hc (Coercive Force), Oersteds of units, Putting the magnet on a reverse magnetic field, its properties will disappear when the applied magnetic field is increased to a certain intensity, the ability to resist the applied magnetic field is known as the coercive force, represents the ability to measure the resistance to demagnetization; Third, BHmax, Gauss-Oersteds of units, which is the magnetic energy from the unit volume of material, it is a physical quantity.
Product Specification / Models
NdFeB, the third generation of rare-earth permanent magnet, is the most powerful and advanced permanent magnet today. NdFeB has the high remanence, high coercive force, high energy.

Because of the rich rare earth resources in China and the ever-changing production process and technological innovation and progress, it has the high performance and high cost ration and it can be easily formed into various sizes and different shapes such as ring,segment, trilateral, block and so on.

In recent years it's thermal stability along with corrosion resistance has been greatly improved. The working temperature of the NdFeB has been able to reach more than 200 degrees, and different coatings can be provided auch as NiCuNi, Double Nickel, Dark Nickel, Bright Nickel, Black Nickel, Chemical Nickel, White Zinc, Blue & White Zinc, Colored Zinc, Black Zinc, Zinc Cr3+, Passivated, Epoxy, Parylene. All our coated magnets are confiming to standards of International Environmental Protection.
Application / Models
It's especially suitable for the all kinds of motors, rare earth permanent magnet motor has become one of the important trends in the motor development.

It widely used in electronics, electric equipment, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields, common are permanent magnet motor, speaker, magnetic separation machine, computer disk drives, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, etc.
Other Information
Other physical properties of Nd-Fe-B:

Br temperature coefficient: -0.11%/C

Density: 7.4g/cm3

Webster's temperature: 600Hv

Tensile heat-distortion: 8.0kg/mm2

Specific heat: 0.12k Cak(kgC)

Modulus of elasticity: 1.6x1011N/m2

Poisson ratio: 0.24

Curie temperature: 310-340C

Flexural strength: 25kg/mm2

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 4x10-6/C

Thermal conductivity: 7.7cal/m.h.C

Stiffness: 0.64N/m2

Compression ratio: 9.8x10-12m2/N

iHc temperature coefficient: -0.60%/C

How to order magnets?

Please confirm the following details before you order so that we can cooperate with you more effectively, thank you!

(1). What's the material and performance?

(2). What's the size and the tolerance?

(3). Does it need magnetization? if need,which one,Axial or Radial?

(4). What's the highest work temperature?

(5). What's the quantity?

(6). What's the coating? Zinc or Nickel coated?

(7). If you need special management, please tell us.

We have more magnets for your choice. Any needs please add my Skype: joan.stmag

E-mail: info@st-mag.com Tel: 86-512-67081920

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We adhere to the purpose of the "good faith, quality first, customer first", committed to customer satisfaction with the products and services, received praise and certainly from our customers! Our system is perfect, our management is scientific. Welcome the new and old customers to consult and negotiate!

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Suzhou S&T Magnetics Co.,Ltd. is located in Suzhou, China——which is known as "Paradise on Earth", as a high-tech enterprise, which dedicated in researching, manufacturing and selling sintered NdFeB magnet, Alnico magnet, SmCo magnet, Ferrite magnet and magnetic omponents, etc.

Our production base is located in the "developed world manufacturing industry" of Zhejiang Province. With a high-quality research and technical team, the first-class equipment experiment and test center, also introduced a series of scientific management system, through IS09001 and TS16949 quality system certification, then we can provide clients with high quality products and technical support, and successfully completed a lot of new product development and technology upgrades, receives the general customers the high praise and trust.

Our products are easily formed into various sizes and widely used in many fields such as audio instruments, meters, motors, aviation, electronics, instruments, medical instruments and the like.

We committed to R & D and production of the third generation of high performance rare earth magnet products, has the ability of mass production of the grade N52, N48H, N45SH, N40UH, N38EH, N33AH, etc. With strong processing technology superiority, we can produce the magnet with various shape, such as disk, block, segment, triangular, trapezoid, ect. Meanwhile according to customer’s requirements, the magnet surface could be treated by Zn, NiCuNi, expoxy, Au, Ag coating, phosphating, passivation, polishing and so on. We also can magnetize our magnet by multipole on the plane, axial, radial, radial multipole and Radiation magnetization.

S&T people will always keep pursuring our core concept of S&T -" Serve the world, Try our best!" With the continuously improving technology and advancing humanistic management, we can make the China magnetic energy play a great role to serve the world better! S&T people make their efforts to build the platform of quality and service co-existence, which not only gain recognition by domestic customers, but also win a praise in the overseas market, S&T people have established a vivid international customer line using magnetic energy to connect the Asian, American, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

Welcome to visit our company or contact us! We would like to work together with you, to provide more competitive products for the majority of guests. Let the magnetic energy to create us a better future!

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