Newcastle Disease Vaccine,Inactivated (La Sota Strain)

Minimum Order
250ml/bottle, 40bottles/packet.
by air, or other way
Product Description
The GMP certified ND Inactivated Vaccine (La Sota Strain) - prevention of Newcastle Disease caused by La Sota Strain, the duration of immunity is 4 months.
Product Feature
Physical property: The product is milk white emulsion.
Product Specification / Models
Main component: The vaccine contains inactivated NDV La Sota strain, the content of live virus of NDV: 108.0 EID50/0.1ml min.
Application / Models
Characteristic: Prevention of New castle disease, the duration of immunity is 4 months.

Usage: Hypodermic injection on neck area.

Chicken in 14 days old is injected 0.2ml each; chicken more than 60 days old is injected 0.5ml each. The duration of immunity can maintain 10 months.

Hens which have vaccinated by live vaccine should be vaccinated before egg laying of 14~21 days, 0.5ml each, and the protection period can maintain the whole laying period.

Adverse effect: None at present.

Other Information

1. Please do not use the vaccine if it be frozen.

2. Making the temperature of vaccine at normal temperature before use, and shaking the vaccine from time to time in using process.

3. Please sterilize injection site when application.

4. The vaccine should not be used for broiler before the butcher of 21 days, and do not be used for other chick before the butcher of 42 days.

Treatment measure of wrappage: Vaccine bottle, implement, unspent vaccine etc. must be sterilized.

Package: 250ml/bottle, 40bottles/packet.

Storage: The vaccine is stored at below 2~8 degree.

Expiry: 12 months

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