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Product Description
We are one of largest professional and reliable manufacturers of geophysical survey and geophysical prospecting, such as geophysical prospector, resistivity meter, VLF system, electrical prospecting, high density prospecting instrument, groundwater detector, mineral prospector, ore detector, gold detector,water locator,resistivity imaging survey, electromagnetic system equipment, electrical resistance, resistivity IP and SP system, resistivity, TEM survey, TEM system, EM system, magnetometer, radioactive detector, seismograph, gravity meter, logging system,proton magnetometer, drill equipment, drill rig, well drilling equipment, core drilling equipment, hydraulic drill equipment, and element analyzer.

NEF600 Natural VLF Prospector is the other upgrade product based on continuous improvement and enhancement. The applied module of full imported IC control and filtration completely reaches international leading level to fixed machine filtering of frequency; you can get perfect stability and accuracy in data measurement. It is also further improved in shielding interference signal and design of anti-jamming.

NEF600 is more convenient as it realizes PC communication in latter data processing. It has many advantages like simple operation, easy to carry, stable data, strong anti-jamming ability, high accuracy, fast speed etc. Comparing to traditional electrical prospecting equipment, it is 10 times more quick while the weight is 10 times less, which saves large amount of time, manpower and materials for field survey. It is your optimal assistant in geophysical survey.
Product Feature
1. Fast and high efficiency:

Complete about 4000m profile measurement in one day to realize geological abnormality in different depth, the prospecting speed and efficiency is improved about 10 times more than traditional resistivity method.

2. Easy to carry:

Without heavy power supply, it uses low frequency signals in earth natural electric field as signal source, and the complete set weight is less than 5kg so easy to carry.

3. Easy operation:

Equipment is automatically controlled by micro PC. You can learn its operation in 10 minutes. It will take 2h for persons without prospecting experience to finish training.

4. Good precision and high accuracy:

Apply imported control module and filtering IC chip to do measurement, the data is high stable and accuracy, the resolution is up to 0.001mV, precision is u00b11%, and fixed error of frequency is 1%.

5. Strong anti-jamming capability:

It has advanced anti-jamming technology and multiple anti-jamming designs. You can observe abnormity curves result with good repetition even in weak signal area, city, high electric jamming area and working area with other exterior interference via frequency selector and digital processing.

6. Flexible array-traditional and unique array method:

It has multi-array measurement method: traditional and original electrode array method, which has good geological effect and easy explanation. It makes big achievement in solving problems about the direction, depth and thickness of ore vein

7. Remarkable effect:

Through the relative physical parameters variation like different conductivity between ore and non-ore object, it can get the relative information as ore vein direction, buried depth, thickness and deposit etc. In more than 20 years' practice, we gained outstanding achievement and customers' common praise.
Product Specification / Models
Main technical parameters:

1. Automatic noise reduction, super 5 shifts anti-jamming design, fit for various geological conditions.

2. 3 frequencies or 30 frequencies measurement synchronously.

3. Operating functions are all on the LCD screen, easy operation.

4. Automatic measurement, data storage and curves mapping. No need to record data and the data can be transferred to U disk directly..

5. It can store 3 frequencies measuring data of 30 curves and multiple frequencies data of 30 curves, the data and curves can be displayed.

6. Use film switch panel to make usage more stable and convenient, the appearance is beautiful.

7. Power supply: by large capacity chargeable lithium batteries.

8. Electrode test and power monitor function.

9. Measuring range: 0.001mV~355mV (auto range transfer)

10. Resolution: 0.001mV

11. Measuring voltage accuracy: u00b11% u00b11LSB

12. Measuring currency accuracy: u00b11% u00b11LSB

13. Input impendence: ≥50MΩ

14. Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

15. Working humidity: 95%

16. Whole weight.2.5kg, size: 31cm*23cm*10.8cm
Application / Models

1. Widely used in metal ore prospecting, non-metal ore's detailed and general survey to decrease the venture of mineral investment and improve exploration success rate and scientificalness.

2. Applied in underground water detect to meet the demand of drinking water, industrial usage and agricultural irrigation.

3. Also used in engineering geological prospecting, disaster geological detect, coal goaf, archaeological mining, city exploration, non-metal pipe survey as well.
Other Information
NEF600 Natural VLF Prospector uses relative parameters like resistivity variation produced by natural electric field and different geologic substance to determine the geological abnormity we are seeking. Through the relative physical parameters variation like different conductivity between ore and non-ore object, it can get the relative information as ore vein direction, buried depth, thickness and deposit etc. In more than 20 years' practice, we gained outstanding achievement and customers' common praise.




Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology is a joint venture company which integrates R&D,manufacturing,investment,trade,sales and service. We mainly involve the development and application of geophysical prospecting instruments(resistivity meter, IP system, AMT system, TEM system, NMR system, logging system, inclinometer), sampling drilling rigs, element analysers and new energy resource technology..
We separately set production bases in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Gulin, and Canton etc.. We have passed ISO9000 and ISO2000 Quality Management System, each link is strictly completed according to standard of product quality management system which is from the research design sales to service. We supply reasonable solution, and recommend optimal products and technical support, to build the " one station purchase service center" of "Aidu" brand, truly let customers rest assured, time saving and labor saving!
With the developing day by day, our serveice are all over the world. Our company possesses near 30 professional technical persons and gains over 10 items invention and patent technology.We also keep close cooperation widely with relative national scientific research units, special academies and outstanding manufacturers at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we absorb more excellent technology products and cooperation with superior companies to offer more convenient and more ideal products which deeply win clients' common praise.
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Culture: Self-promotion,Healthy competition,daily progress to reach sucess;
Strategy: Innovation comes from hard work, professional comes from division of work, profit comes from cooperation;
Principle: customers premier, quality first, credictable, in time delivery

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