OH600 Oxyhydrogen Generator

Hunan China (Mainland)
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1 Set/Sets
Product Description
Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel or natural gas or other fuel.

Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator can be used for welding, cutting, polishing,brazing, glass processing and jewelry processing etc. Also can burst with other fuel together for heating.

Product Feature
1.Maximum Safety

2.Environment Friendly

3.30% higher efficiency

4.Power and Energy saving 40%

5.Wide application range
Product Specification / Models
Model Number OH600

AC Voltage Requirement 220/110 V

Phase single

Power consumption 2.5 kw/h

Max. Gas Output 650 L/h

Max. Working Pressure 1.9 kg/cm2

Max. Water Consumption 0.35L/h

Water Feed manual

Flame Modifier Feed manual

Dimensions - L*W*H 570*440*640mm

Gross Weight 55kg

Ventilation Space Requirement 200mm in each direction

Suitable Enameled Wires Several pcs thicker than 2.00mm

Standard Accessories of Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator :

torch and nozzles: 1 box

soft pipe : 2m

Flame arrestor:1 unit

Application / Models
1. Welding

(1) Jewelry Industry:

For welding kinds of chain and string which are made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.

For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.

For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding).

(2) Electronic Industry:

For welding enameled wire, computer wire peeling, LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board,thermocouple andplatinum resistor leading wires.

(3) Medical Industry:

For denture welding.

For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry.

No-carbon flame disinfection and glass seal.

(4) Laboratory:

For Welding of laboratory teaching, providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame.

(5) Others:

Instrument welding, Air-condition copper pipe welding, Automobile exhaust pipe welding,Fishhook welding,Storage battery tinplate welding,lighting hardware weldingand etc.

2. Cutting

Large Oxyhydrogen Generator/Water Welding Machine : can be widely used in Carbon Steel Cutting of machine building industry,shipyard,steel structure processing plant and continuous casting slab cutting of Steel Plant. It can cooperate with manual cutting torch, semi-automatic cutting machine, shape cutting machine, CNC cutting machine to instead of traditional fuel gas.

3. Heating and sealing

(1) metal and nonmetal heating

(2) glass tube sealing,quartz glass tube sealing

(3) ampoule bottles sealing

(4) water injection drawing sealing

(5) mould repair, quenching, crucible heating melting metal

(6) solar wafer processing, IC packaging.

4.Polishing:Organic glass/Acrylic Polish

5. Others: For Welding or Heat treating small metal parts, Iron Cutting, Catalytic combustion of other fuels, Engine carbon cleaning for automobiles

Other Information
For welding work, Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator has below advantages compared with other welding methods:

1. Operation is convenient:

The Oxyhydrogen Generator/water welding machine produce oxy-hydrogen gas by automatic way, gas cylinder is not required any more.

Machine will shut down automatically when the gas pressure is too high (if gas output can not be used up). Machine will turn on auto when the gas pressure is not enough. The gas output is adjustable.

2. Welding is fast:

The oxy-hydrogen flame temperature is high up to 2800 degree, it can heat the welding spot to melting point fast in about 1 second to finish welding.

3. Welding precision is high:

The flame is concentrated, it can achieves welding of precise devices.

4. Welding spot is smooth and beautiful:

Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form carbide, so there is no black spot, avoid the second treatment of cleaning and polishing.

5. Environment friendly:

Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator 'sfuel comes from water, there is water vapor after combustion, no any harm done to environment.

6. Energy saving:

Oxyhydrogen Generator / Oxy-hydrogen Gas Generator / Oxy Hydrogen Generator saves energy cost over 30% compared with other gas welding way.Adding the oxygen cost, it will save cost over 40%.

Changsha City Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China. We are specialized in researching and manufacturing Oxy-hydrogen Generators, Water Welding Machines, Flame polishing machines and other products. Integrity is our promise, and quality is our goal. We have kept close cooperation with institutions of higher learning for several years. All of our products are manufacturing in accordance with the international quality management system and will do rigorous tests before delivery. We have 5 utility model patents. We have a professional technology development team which has 20 technical personnel and more than 50 production staff members. Many clients have purchased our machines for six years and the machines are still in good condition.

Read more Information, please visit our website: www.okayny.com/English

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Small Portable Oxy-hydrogen Generator OH600

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Small Portable Oxyhydrogen Gas Generator OH600

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