Oil and gas industry-specific Nitrogen Generator

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Both marine and terrestrial nitrogen in the oil / gas fields contain every aspect of upstream drilling and production and downstream refining. Nitrogen is widely used in the following aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry: 1) underbalanced drilling, completion, 2) oil and gas mining, to improve oil and gas recovery 3) oil and gas pipeline purge.

Whether it is in the remote mountainous areas, deserts, or offshore platforms, oil and gas industry-specific Nitrogen Generator can meet the different gas consumption, continuous with the requirements of the gas, to ensure that customers production.

System Components

The three main components of the nitrogen system:

A. Air Compressor: diesel engine or electric motor driven air compressor, including a local control system.

Two. Nitrogen Generator: air purification system, PSA nitrogen system (or membrane nitrogen system) and the control system.

3. Supercharger unit: diesel engine or motor-driven supercharger, including local control system.

Technical indicators

Nitrogen flow rate :50-5500Nm3 / h (95% purity)

Nitrogen purity :90-99.9% adjustable (same set of equipment flow, purity can be adjusted for flow and purity is inversely proportional to)

Sources of power: diesel engine (no need for external power source), or motor-driven (external power supply)

Cooling mode: water-cooled air-cooled (fixed displacement device is optional)

Applicable to the environment: -35C ~ 50C

Control modes: distributed control (PLC in the control of major equipment complete local control)

External form: Box, pry the block, mobile

Non-standard products (nitrogen flow / purity / pressure based on the use of customer requirements, the use of the environment, the main purpose and the special requirements of customers), we will rely on years of professional experience,

Product Feature
Technical Features

Professional and rigorous design and manufacturing, with mature and advanced technology to ensure superior system reliability. Our professionalism is reflected in - the experience, technology, design, service and other aspects, the whole process.

Supporting the professional leading manufacturers of complete sets of the air compressor group, booster engine, reliable quality, stable performance, low maintenance costs, can create more value for customers; EIB to focus on the pressure swing adsorption system (or membrane separation system), control system with a total complete sets.

Intelligent control system to ensure that the system for a long time running smoothly, the normal life of more than 10 years; operation, maintenance, maintenance is simple and efficient.

The high efficiency of the production of carbon molecular sieve (or membrane) nitrogen can increase the gas production per unit time, improve efficiency, reduce working hours, saving production costs, system operation more economical.

Nitrogen system package can be designed into the explosion-proof type of protection, explosion-proof, protection class according to user request.

The entire nitrogen system is compact, easy to move.

Range of applications

Underbalanced drilling, completion

Three mining the job

Pipeline purge

Natural gas gathering and transportation station

LNG terminal

Offshore drilling / production platform

Natural Gas Purification Plant

Application / Models
cover the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electronics, machinery, construction material, Medicine ,New materials and so on.
Hangzhou T&J Industrial Gas-equipment Co., Ltd is an aggressive and competitive company.

T&J company is a technology enterprise specialized in R&D, design and manufacture of various air separators and cryogenic application equipments. T&J company always insists on taking the technology as the motility, emphasizing technique and products innovation, cooperating with many scientific and research institutes, academic schools which are in the same industry range with us. On the basis of integration into advanced design concept and strict management procedure and the outstanding production technique and give the enthusiastic service support. Decisive adoption of new processes, new technology,the R&D and manufacturing capability of the company is enhanced and the development is oriented to the Saving Energy variety and perfection of the products. We have a development and production base in Hangzhou China,and a network of installation and after-sales service that supports people around the world and provides standard service to every corner of world.

The products of T&J company cover the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electronics, machinery, construction material, Medicine ,New materials which have been well received all over the country and also been supplied to many Asian and African countries. The main products are: the medium and small size oxygen nitrogen plants, liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen plants, oxygen and nitrogen liquefaction plants, high purity nitrogen generators, molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption plants, PSA (VPSA) oxygen (nitrogen) plants and gas purification drying equipment.

In addition to provide high-quality products, T&J company also undertakes technical consulting, engineering design, equipment installation, technical training and other services, and implementation of the turn-key project. Sincerely welcome your contact and visit to the company.

T&J company philosophy is to:

?Only carry technologically superior products

?Offer unsurpassed service and after sales support

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Container Type PSA Nitrogen Generator For Marine Industry and Oil Tanker

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