Oilwell Cementing Fluid Loss Additives

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Product Description

1. Very effective fluid loss additive with high purity and low dosage.

2. Provide Fluid loss control in low, normal or high density cement slurries.

3. Use at temperature blow 180C(356F, BHCT) in fresh water.

4. Use in freshwater, or salt water, salt-tolerant up to saturation.

5.The cement slurry system is stable with little free fluid.

6. Do not retard, and set cement's compressive strength develops fast.

7. Good fluidity, will not lead to over-disperse or thickened and no need to add additional dispersant.

8. Compatible well with other additives.

9. Suitable for all API classes of cement.

10. Mix with water or dry mix, no water quality required and soluble in cold water.
Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise which specialized in producing cementing additives. Kelioil is one of the biggest global suppliers for cementing additives. We hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO28001 certificates. We also can do international OEM and provide the best service and technical support.
With strong research and development capacity and full sets of testing facilities and state of the art technology, Kelioil is the renowned manufacturer in cementing additives in China. The most advanced technology, the completed product specification and the strongest adaptability in different water quality and materials are the keys to enable Kelioil to be so famous and competitive at home and abroad. We develop all the products by ourselves and hold intellectual property rights. And we have mastered the core technology of producing qualified cementing additives with distinctive operating styles. Some manufacturers take our products and technical documents as the model of producing cementing additives. Kelioil can provide the most professional consultation and technical support for the customers until we completely meet the customers’ demands.
Our most competitive product is multifunctional AMPS polymer powder fluid loss additives. Powder products are suitable to be water & dry mixed and also suitable for all oil well cement in the market and the diversity of water quality in the spot. They can be easily transported. At the same time, they can also be applied in the salt water and in high temperature conditions.
Kelioil’s headquarter is located in the Huayuan hi-tech industry park in Tianjin. And the plant is located in Ninghe County covering the area of 30 thousand square meters. The annual production capacity can reach up to 10 thousand tons. And our plant owns the most advanced automatic production line for AMPS polymer fluid loss additives.
Main facilities:
Testing facility: Seven HPHT consistometers, NPT consistometer, HPHT fluid loss cell, rheometer, one pressure testing machine, two HPHT stirring fluid loss cell and two Brookfield viscometers.
Liquid facilities: Full sets of intellectual computer control equipment for oil project materials and they can realize the automatic and continuous motion from batching, composition to filling.
Solid facilities: One high speed centrifugal spray driers, four sets of high speed disintegrator, one German IVA high speed disintegrator, one solid blender.
Packing facilities: One Korean CAS automated packager, and one set of Japanese Newlong high speed sack sewing machine.
Our domestic customers: Daqing oil field, Xinjiang, Tuha, Shengli oil field, Chuanqing, Jianghan oil field, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Liaohe oil field, Jidong oil field, Zhongyuan oil field, Nanyang oil field and Dagang oil field.
Our global customers: America, Canada, England, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Burma, Philippine, the Middle East, West Africa, Columbia and Australia.

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