Oleoresin Extraction from Marigold Pigment Subcritical Extraction Machine

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Marigold flowers (tagetes erecta) is one of the rich natural material of lutein (xanthophy). Marigold, native to Mexico, is an annual herb. Marigold is rich in lutein, so it is an excellent source of lutein, as well as the ideal material in the manufacture of the development of lutein. Lutein is sourced from marigold flowers and purified from marigold oleoresin.The physical method was used to extract lutein from natural plant marigold, which is safe and non-toxic. Lutein extracted from marigold is stable and safe, which making it completely consistent with FA0 / WHO.
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Lutein is a carotenoid without vitamin A activity. The application of lutein is very extensive due to its main performance in coloration and oxidation resistance. It has many outstanding features, such as bright color, oxidation resistance, strong stability, non-toxic, high security.  Lutein can delay the old vision degradation caused by macular degeneration and blindness, and coronary heart disease and tumor diseases caused by the body's aging cardiovascular hardening. As a kind of natural antioxidant, lutein is generally antioxidant effect and has its unique physiological function, to prevent the free radical damage, cardiovascular disease. Besides, it brings a lots of innovation values on cancer diseases. In addition, lutein can also be used in cosmetics, feed, medicine, aquatic products and other industries. In recent years, lutein has been extracted directly from natural plants, such as marigold flowers. 30 tons per day lutein extraction plant

Lutein Extraction Process from Marigold Flowers

Firstly, the marigold flowers should be pretreated for later extraction process. The pretreatment of marigold flowers have several steps, including Ferment, Water Squeezing, Crushing, Drying and Granulation. Second, the main extraction process of lutein from marigold granules also contains several steps, which can be fully presented in the below flow chart of lutein extraction plant

low temperature extraction of lutein from marigold flowers
Low Temperature Lutein Extraction Process

The basic principle of subcritical low temperature lutein extraction process

Under normal temperature and pressure (0.3 MPa to 0.8 MPa), uses butane as the solvent to extract active components from marigold granule through counter current extraction, and then the vacuum evaporation of solvent extract and meal will start, the solvent gas after evaporation will go through compression and condensation for recycling use. A part of the heat for solvent evaporation comes from the system itself. Another part of the heat is supplied by the heating system.

Extraction process

First, the marigold flower granule are transported to the storage tank, and then the conveyor enters the extraction tank. A counter-current extraction process is formed in the extraction tank between the marigold flower granules and solvent. The newly entered marigold flowers is soaked in a high concentration of extracts, then the concentration of the extracted liquid is reduced in turn, and uses the fresh solvent in the last counter current extraction process. The extraction frequency was 4 ~ 6 times. Extraction time of 120-180 minutes, extraction temperature is 45 u2103, the lutein residual within the meal is less than below 0.5%, extract concentration is 20 ~ 25%. 

Extract treatment process

The extract from the extraction tank goes through extract filter and extract tank to remove pulp foam, and then the solvent is removed from it through decompression. The residual solvent of extract removed solvent is less than 500 parts per million, and the temperature is 55 u2103. The extraction liquid concentration system is operated under negative pressure to ensure that the solvent is dissolvent at lower temperature.

Solvent recovery process

The solvent coming from extraction tank, evaporator is condensed by their own compressor. After being compressed and liquefied, the solvent comes to condenser. Condensed solvent is recycled into the recycle tank, and the non-condensable solvent gas is discharged periodically through the fixed channel. 

Henan Subcritical Extraction Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest engaged in the development and utilization of subcritical temperature extraction engineering technology transfer and natural products of the joint-stock enterprises, was established in 1995, high-tech development zone of Anyang city is located in one of the eight ancient capitals of China, covering an area of more than 50000 square meters, the total assets of 7000 yuan, annual output value 150000000 yuan. The new products have their own R & D institutions and quality inspection center, with a provincial subcritical engineering technology center. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and HACCP food safety management system certification, with import and export right.

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