Omega-3 Powder

Minimum Order
1 Ton
15 Kg aluminum lined carton
100% T/T or L/C
Product Description
1. Description: Made from Flaxseed oil which is rich in Omega-3 by spray drying process. This applies to all types of health food, nutritional supplements, functional foods and, formula milk powderu2026etc.

2. Color: White

3. Shelf Life: 18 months

4. Package: 15Kg in aluminum lined carton
Product Feature
1. Ingredients: Flaxseed oil, Malt dextrin, emulsifier

2. Fatty acid composition:

Flaxseed Oilt50%




C16:0 t3.0-8.0%






Product Specification / Models
(Nutrition per 100g)

Calories 663.2 kcal

Proteint 2.7 g

Fatt 54 g

Saturated Fat 6.1 g

Unsaturated Fatt0 g

Carbohydratest41.6 g

Sodiumt3.35 mg


Moisture <5%

TPCt <10000 CFU/g

Coliform < 10 CFU/g

E. Colit Negative

Other Information
Flaxseed oil has a lot of efficiency, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acid omega-3 and omega-6. Omega-3 is one of the essential fatty acid in human body, unable to be made by human body, must be absorbed from the diet, and can help cellsu2019 operation normally to maintain health. Flaxseed oil has the highest contain of the plant source omega-3, omega-3 can be transformed into EPA and DHA in the body, to offer health need.
Ming Chyi Biotechnology is a Taiwanese Spray Drying Biotechnology company. MCB manufactures in many powder products that can be applied in many applications, such as: food ingredients, food additive, health products, nutrition supplement, and mnay more.

With more than 20 years' experience in food production, MCB has become one of Taiwan's largest OEM/ODM biotechnology focusing on spray dried health focused food and pharmaceutical grade products. At MCB we place excellent quality, health, safety and environment protection at the top of our priorities.
During our production process we do not:
- Use any unclear source carriers,
- Use any chemical additive and
- Use artificial fragments or pigments to maintain the neutrality of safety of our products.

We have cooperated with many local and international world-famous petrochemical, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries. Many of our innovative production procedures and drying technologies have been awarded international certification (ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, HALAL).

We offer two kinds of services OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original Design Manufacturer)). We manufacture raw material ingredients such as: Health-Care Biotech Material, Health-Care Special Oil Material, Normal Oil Material, Vegetable & Fruit Material, Seasoning Material and Mineral Material. We guarantee clientele satisfaction when it comes to our product's service, logistics and management.

For our OEM service, we contract out or award winning spray drying service. Efficiently meeting whatever powdering needs you may have. We also have more than 20 years' experience planning, fitting and constructing spray drying macheniry for our clients from different parts of the world (Japan, Thailand, China, and North America).

For our ODM service, we have a wide range of health foods and ingredients options available. Our capbailities include, but are not limited to, the manufacture of:
- Non-GMO Soymilk Powder
- Non-GMO Oat Soymilk Powder
- OMEGA-3 (Flaxseed Oil) Powder
- Plant Oil (mix of Canola Oil and Coconut Oil Powder
- Soybean Oil (Fat / NDC) Powder
- Soy Sauce Powder
- Noni Extract Juice Powder
- Chicken Broth Concentrate Powder
- Goji Berry with Red Jujube Tea Powder

We can manufacture most of our products in three forms: raw material, OEM (in bulk and ready to be used in the productions of any final product) and as a private label, ODM (pre-packed, custom branded and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world).

We look forward to any future collaboration our companies may have and please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information about company or to sample our product quality. For more information about our company (product catalog) and the work we do, please visit our websites at: or

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Fish Omega-3 DHA+EPA Powder

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Fish Omega-3 DHA+EPA Powder

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