Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope Series

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Product Description
ENT / neurosurgery / brain surgical

Hand-type control, a key to start

Primary mirror with optical hinge

Electromagnetic Lock Space Location

Electric continuous variable stepless

Main and with the optical microscope, with magnification, the same field of view, clear image, strong sense of stereo, depth of field, suitable for deep cavity surgery

Six degrees of freedom, all around a large electric tilt angle, rotation

Microcomputer control, modular design, teaching, photography, video

Optional video image processing system operative experts xenon lighting, dual bulb conversion

The contemporary high-tech microscope level, the national high-tech products for neurosurgery, ENT, ophthalmology microsurgery. Secondary mirror and primary mirror at a 90 degree position, with the light path, are the electric continuously variable power, ultra-deep cavity can be observed, the rotary joint can be any position. The instrument can achieve double binocular, and three of six projects were observed and operation, but also for teaching, photography and CCD color camera

Optical microscope, the latest design into the main hinge tube surgery, the main ocular tilt range of -30 u00b0 ~ 60 u00b0.

Instrument has six degrees of freedom can be achieved before the microscope, left, up and down movement of electric tilt and rotate so that doctors can get the best viewing angle.

Use of hand control, a key to start, comfortable and convenient.

Vice mirror binocular rotation can be arbitrary and synchronized with the main microscope (with magnification, the same field of view, the same direction) were observed with a sense of the principal.

Lord, Vice-microscope optical continuous variables are the electric system, the zoom ratio is 1:5, clear imaging, the body as a sense of strong, large depth of field, can meet a variety of deep cavity surgery requirements.

Coaxial apparatus within the high-brightness lighting, spot size can be adjusted for deep cavity surgery and operations. Fine-tune the focus by electrical equipment systems, flexible and convenient.

Microcomputer program control, with no dimming, speed control system.

Turn the joint use of electromagnetic locking, flexible operation.

Doctors can maintain the usual 8-bit parameters.

Device using pedal stays, the use of flexible, stays stable.

Switch with LCD display and membrane switch design, the use of stable and reliable.

Appearance of a flow line design, casters move easily

500mm vertical lifting range of rack

Eyepiece: 12.5X, wide-angle, with diopter adjustment and stopper

Magnification: 5X ~ 25X continuous zoom power

Field diameter: 85.0mm ~ 8.5mm

Working distance: 200,250,300,350,400 mm

40mm focal range of fine focusing speed 1 ~ 2 mm / s

Microscope before and after, left the pitch range is> 100 u00b0

Main and range of microscopic IPD 55 ~ 75mm adjustable

Cold light source lighting 15V 150W xenon lamp illumination face surgery to up to 80,000

180,000 Lx and double-bulb conversion.

The maximum extension length of the rack arm 1200mm

Bearing arm rotation angle 360

135 camera interface, a digital camera interface, 1 / 3 inch CCD camera interface, and dedicated digital cameras, camcorders, video image processing expert system operation.

Xuzhou Hengda Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the bustling city of Xuzhou, and convenient transportation. Has over ten years history of research and development of medical equipment, medical equipment is a key state enterprises, with strong science and technology and quality products, in the medical business, made a brilliant performance.

The company has a breast diagnostic infrared, color brain atlas instrument, multi-parameter monitor, biochemical analyzer, B ultrasonic wave (linear array, convex array), medical imaging workstations, computers and other microwave multi-function series of the medical therapeutic apparatus products.

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