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Optima Steamer has been scientifically designed to ensure the most water-saving cleaning. It takes less than one gallon (3.7 liters) of water to wash a full-sized car. Minimal water consumption makes wastewater-free car wash possible. You can achieve detergent-free car wash thanks to steam's effective cleaning power.
For Interior Detailing, special dry STEAM is used to remove tough stains and also removes dust mites from the air ventilation and ducts. High pressure Steam vapor is also used to flush out small particles from nooks and crannies while killing germs and bacteria growing on food / drink spills. Carpets and fabric seats are cleaned with steam, which is practically the only way to get rid of salt stains.  
The Optima EST Series is equipped with the most heat-efficient electric steam boiler and it is able to generate a powerful steam jet without any unnecessary emissions. The EST Series has two powerful 9.000 W heaters that provide a rapid preheating time, along with a steam jet that has an abundant flow rate. It can be used for indoor vehicle cleaning, general cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing purposes. It provides a direct water line connection enabled by its automatic water refilling system, which will become handy when a continuous water source (i.e., water tap) is available. This is a 100% emission-free machine and recommended for indoor use. The Optima EST Series is designed to be used with three-phase electric power.

Automatic Control by CPU
Artificial intelligence, which is enabled by the internal CPU monitors, controls the mechanical and electrical operations of the machine. The user interface's LED lamp signals, gauge, and alarm system alert users when necessary.
Multistage Safety Features
Automatic alarm and control features include an automatic stop in operation in case of water or fuel shortage, out of range pressure or temperature, and overtime pump running. Mechanical safety features include pressure release valve and nonreturn check valves.
Environment-friendly Washing System
This machine has been scientifically designed to ensure the most water-saving process in cleaning. It takes less than one gallon (3.7 liters) of water to wash a full-size car. This minimal water consumption makes wastewater-free car washing possible. You can achieve detergent-free car washing thanks to the steam's effective cleaning power.
Appealing Design
Optima Steamer's solid body frame is suitable for any client. Its appearance looks less industrial compared to other similar machines and can look appealing to anyone. Its high-quality and lightweight ABS material provides an array of different color options for the machine. Custom labeling is available for large volume orders.
Efficient and Fast Cleaning
Its moisture control valve is available with a user interface for convenience. For car washing, the Optima Steamer can wash the car's exterior and clean, disinfect, and deodorize its interior.


[Company] : SJE Corporation, Ltd.
[Subsidiary Company] : Steamericas Inc.
[Industry] : Manufacturing (Commercial and industrial machineries)
[Target Industries] : Automotive services, Government, Janitorial services
[Main Products] : High pressure jet washer, Steam washer, Steam vacuum cleaner
[Target Markets] : South Korea, North and South Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Northern Africa and Asia
[Date of Establishment] : January, 1991
[Headquarters] : Busan, South Korea
[Fatory Location] : 203-22 Yerim-ri, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea Rep.
[Company Divisions] : Administrative and Finance, Production, International Sales and Support, Marketing, Technical Services, R&D
[State of Incorporation] : Incorporated
[Best-selling Products, Brands] : Optima Steamers DM, Optima Steamers EST
[Export Ratio] : 70% (est. 2009)
[Major Certificates] : CE ,UL, CSA, Gost, ISO 9001:2000

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