Organic Compound Fertilizer

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Organic Compound Fertilizer

Molecular Form:C9H9NO6

Molecular Weight:

HS Code:3101 0090

CAS No.:  1415-93-6/66455-26-3

EINECS No.:  215-809-6


Content: 25-30%


Bio organic materials:30-35% min

Amino Acid;10% min

Humic Acid:10.0% min

Alga Acid:5.0% min

Cd:0.0007% max

Ar:0.002% max

Pb:0.003% max

Ti:0.02% max

Ni:0.005% max

Cr:0.05% max


Moisture;2% max

Organic Plantation/vegetable  Material: Yeast,Tobacco Caudex, ,Sugar Cane hull   ,rice chaff,peanut shell,straw ash  ,oil cake ,peat and composte.

Prohibitation:Animal bone,animal dung etc


5-7 days compost Yeast of  Organic Plantation/vegetable  Material at 50C to abolish impurities

Size;in granulke,1-5mm


Color:Dark brown

pack:in 50kg bag

Characteristics:tasteless, non-toxic, sterile, non-pollution,Pure natural,No adding any industrial additives


lanws and flowers,(golf course,garden);

Applicable planatations;wheat,tea,palm oil tree,fruit trees and vegetables.

soil amendment,desert afforestation;

soil-less cultivation and edible bacteria culturing

Usage:It can be used in all seasons.

As basic fertilizer, topdressing can be hole fertilization,line fertilization and broadcast fertilization.

basic fertilizer : 100-150kg/each 300  square meters,  with inorganic fertilizer 10-30 kg.

top dressing : 100-150kg/each 300  square meters

mature fruit trees :  5-10kg/each plant

fruit tree seedlings: 1.7-3.3kg/each plant

Need watering after application.

Storage:in cool , dry and shady warehouse


 The majority of nitrogen-supplying organic fertilizers contain insoluble nitrogen and act as a slow-release fertilizer. By their nature, organic fertilizers increase physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization. Organic fertilizer nutrient content, solubility, and nutrient release rates are typically much lower than mineral (inorganic) fertilizers. A University of North Carolina study found that potential mineralizable nitrogen (PMN) in the soil was 182–285% higher in organic mulched systems than in the synthetics control.

Organic fertilizers also re-emphasize the role of humus and other organic components of soil, which are believed to play several important roles:

Mobilizing existing soil nutrients, so that good growth is achieved with lower nutrient densities while wasting less

Releasing nutrients at a slower, more consistent rate, helping to avoid a boom-and-bust pattern

Helping to retain soil moisture, reducing the stress due to temporary moisture stress

Improving the soil structure

Helping to prevent topsoil erosion (responsible for desertfication and the Dust bowl

Organic fertilizers also have the advantage of avoiding certain problems associated with the regular heavy use of artificial fertilizers:

The necessity of reapplying artificial fertilizers regularly (and perhaps in increasing quantities) to maintain fertility

Extensive runoff of soluble nitrogen and phosphorus,[citation needed] leading to eutrophication of bodies of water (which causes fish kills)

Costs are lower for if fertilizer is locally available


As a dilute source of nutrients when compared to inorganic fertilizers, transporting large amount of fertilizer incurs higher costs, especially with slurry and manure.

The composition of organic fertilizers tends to be more complex and variable than a standardized inorganic product


TOP Supplier of Phosphorous Rock,Phosphorous Fertilizer and Phosphorous Feed Additives in China!

Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Co.,Ltd (YMPCC) produce   over 400,000 metric tons of various grade phosphorous rock,fertilizers and feed additives  with the best quality and  supply with them at the most favorable price per year .Our products are Rock Phosphate RP, Di Ammonium Phosphate DAP,Fused Magnesium Phosphate FMP ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP , NPK, Single Super Phosphate SSP,Tri Super Phosphate TSP ,Dicalcium phosphate  DCP ,Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP,Mono Dicalcium Phosphate MDCP etc .

 Since 1980s,our company has been exploring and processing rock phosphate and ,as  arranged by the Municipal Government,unified export of rock phosphate.the annual export volume  was 500,000-1,000,000mts ,the main markets are Bangladesh,India, Indonesia,Malaysia and South Korea etc.We played a key role in China and Asian rock phosphate market.

In 2003,the company was reformed to limited liability company with the registered capital RMB3,000,000.0, and expanded business scope to  produce phosphorous fertilizers such as DAP, FMP,MKP, NPK, SSP,TSP etc and Phosphorous feed additives such as DCP,MCP,MDCP etc.

The company have long history, fully reinforced with honesty and trustworthiness. The annual export amount  is more than 30,000,000 USD now, among TOP 50  in Hubei Province .The company ranks AAA accredited by bank and the Customs for long period.

Situated at the world famous worksite of the Three Gorges project along the Yangtze river,Yichang   is also  the biggest base rich in rock phosphate resources in China and Asia ,with 7.15 billion mts rock phosphate reserve .Through several decades development, Yichang has been the leader of Phosphorous rock ,fertilizers and feed additives in  China and Asia. Compared with the fertilizer and feed additive plants in other parts of  China,our advantages are easy transportation,low cost and unlimited power for we transport our  fertilizers and feed additives to bulk sea vessel loading ports by barges through the Yangtze River,instead of trains or lorries. Yichang Port also has container feed liner to Shanghai seaport,which provides convenience for export  & import activity.

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