Overdischarging Protection Circuit Module for 8Cells 24V LiFePo4 Battery Pack

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Product Description
Protection Circuit Module for 8Cells 24V LiFePo4 Battery Pack

Brand Name: PCM-GIANT

Model Number:ZFH25LL09A

Applications:Reactive load,electric vehicles


Product Feature
Full hardware protection

High-precision voltage detection circuit

Low static power consumption

Low temperature co-efficient

Strong anti-jamming capability and high stability

Triple current detection and high-speed short circuit protection

Voltage balancing in the late period of charging,displaying the balance status

Product Specification / Models
NOtTest item(+25u00b0C)with 3.2V BatterytCriterion

1tVoltagetCharging voltage tDC:29.2V CC/CV

2tOvercharge detection voltage VcotSingle cell Over-charge cutoff Voltaget3.90u00b10.025V

3tOverdischarge detection voltage VmtSingle cell Overdischarge cutoff Voltaget2.00u00b10.08V

4tOvercurrent protectiontOver current detection voltaget0.025u00b10.03V

ttOver current protection currentt25.0A

ttDelay timet120ms

5tCurrent consumed in normal operationtCurrent consumptiont200.0uA

6tSleeping mode power consumptiontCurrent consumptiont10uA

7tShort circuit protectiontDetection delay timet0.1mS

ttRlease conditiontCut load

8tBalancingtCharging balancing voltaget3.75V

ttCharging balancing current t90mA

9tInterior resistancetProtection circuitry(working) t10mohm

10tBreakdown voltagettMAX.40V


Application / Models
Reactive load ,8Cells 24V LiFePo4 Battery Pack,electric vehicles

Zhengzhou R-Founder Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2005, is an expert manufacturer of Lithium Battery Module and Lithium Battery Pack, located in Hi-tech Zone, Zhengzhou, China.

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1.Protection Circuit Module, our PCM/PCB are well applied to battery packs of Li-ion battery, Li-Co battery, Li-Mn battery and Li-Iron (LiFePO4) battery. Perfectly designed and aimed to each different use and the unique specifications of Li-battery packs, with the function of over charge, over discharge, over current, over heat, short circuit protection, and voltage balancing in the late period of charging to ensure the safe operation of battery pack, and prolong its cycle life.
2.Lithium Battery Pack, to improve the performance of Li-battery packs, our company adopt the imported Li-ion battery cells and domestic first-class LiFePO4 Batteries.
3.Lithium Battery Charger, we can make the customized battery chargers according to your battery capacity and charging time.
4.Watt Meter, it can accurately measure the parameters of your electric device, protecting components from damaging.
5.HID Flashlight, an ideal for military, border patrol, fire departments, marine/coast guard, detector, police, rescuers, and other public and private security organizations.

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