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The sow bed is separated from the ground, with a leak fecal plate, and the sow and piglets are separated, both to prevent sow crushing, biting piglets, but also in time to feces and urine fall into the ground, So that the bacteria and easy to breed bacteria and Dirt isolated. Another sow bed also has incubators, Piglets can be insulated to prevent piglets because of cold and diarrhea.                                                                  

Sow bed specifications are: 3600 * 2100 * 1000mm,3700 * 2100 * 1000mm, support beam, bed frame, bed, you can wear in each bed, incubator, heating lamp, a piglet electric plate.                                                

The sow fence is made of 2.75 thick pure galvanized pipe. Sow bit hole cast iron leak manure board, anti-folder sow nipple, semi-leakage cast iron plate leakproof material, save feed. Piglet reinforced plastic reinforcement double leak manure board, pure raw materials, the pig did not hurt the slightest effect.

Zhengzhou Nongshengle Livestock Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to Building ecological animal husbandry automation brand in China, To provide customers with modern breeding equipment and microbial feed additives products. The company's main Breeding needs of the sow-bed, manger, feed line, automatic feeding device, cooling equipment, cleaning and disinfection equipment, vaccination syringes, ear tag management, breeding tools and other farming equipment.

NongShengLe sales of breeding equipment and microbial feed additives, and other products have passed the national security testing and certification, and the majority of customer recognition, After years of practice and unremitting efforts, Nongsheng Le products have been pushed to mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and other countries and regions, and the vast number of users of the unanimous recognition and praise, industry sales leader.

NongShengLe adhering to the "high quality, full service, good reputation, technical expertise," the concept of development and promotion of ecological automation livestock, and strive to fight the company into a market competitiveness of international companies and Dedicated to the global customer service, Welcome customers around the world to discuss business!

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