Pneumatic diaphragm valve

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wooden case
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Pneumatic principle lined diaphragm valve

Gas and open dynamic fluorine lined diaphragm valve is closed by the pipeline pressure on the septa velum clique. When the pressure go into the valve control chamber, the diaphragm under pressure, close the valve channel, diaphragm rises when the pressure of the control cavity emission to the atmosphere or downstream pipeline, the valve is opened, the channel. No valve stem, sealing gasket, orientation seat, is the only component channel movement of the diaphragm, so there is no rustily, has higher stability. A variety of structural forms and forms of control, need to be applied to a variety of fluid control.

The structure uses the diaphragm, valve body with corrosion resistant lining and corrosion resistant stuffing structure, a throttling element for the elastic diaphragm valve body, smooth channel, so the pneumatic diaphragm diaphragm valve with negative force is small, large flow, no leakage and convenient and reliable, the fire and explosion of advantages, widely used in industrial automation system in the strong acid, alkali, strong corrosion, high viscosity, containing particle, with fiber and poisonous and shall not be polluted medium flow regulation.

Product Feature
The custom processing

Brand ZXDA

Model G681F-16R

Material: stainless steel

The connection form fast loading

Nominal diameter of 15-300 (mm)

Seal the form of soft seal type

Atmospheric pressure environment

Working temperature

Parts and accessories

Use of hydrophobic

Product Specification / Models
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1, the quality of the products for one year warranty, such as one year problems Baotuibaohuan package repair, valve parts;

2, the quality problems of user complaints products, fast response, after sale service personnel at 24-36 hours (48 hours outside) to the scene.

3, product technology, inspectors regularly organize my factory in the use of access, consult the user feedback on product quality, and other aspects of the use condition, improvement, in order to further improve the quality of products.

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This product is factory direct supply of products, such as the need for special configuration (can be customized), please specify when ordering the following parameters:

(for example: valve type, drive mode, the connection form, structure type, nominal pressure, nominal diameter, the input signal, the sealing surface material, body material, suitable temperature, with the attachment)

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Zhongxuda deeply knows that one must sharpen its tools before fulfilling its task, and invests a lot to introduce advanced equipments like high precision special-use equipments and vertical processing center,at the same time,it is armed with complete set of test and examination devices,excellent equipments represent strong capacity of production to ensure outstanding quality of products.Each valve is quality assured in accordance with the international standards based on advanced testing & examination devices and complete control system.

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