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Tolerance does not develop to Q water artificial tears and expiration date is long which is one year after opening the product. It is the world's only artificial tears that works to make eyes look clearer and brighter. You can use it by opening the first 3-5 seconds, you might feel irritation in your eyes but it is due to inflammation, so you will gradually feel better. You can experience the symptoms such as dimming eyes and dull eyes occurring in people over 50 years old immediately improve. Also, it is associated with eye health preventing cataract and glaucoma. If you apply it continuously, it helps manage dry eye syndrome while restoring your eyesight.
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Function of Q water EYE FOOD

Artificial tear made with Q water is produced through distillation engineering technology and EPU SYSTEM, which infuses energy into the purest water in the world.

1. There is no tolerance and side effect

- As the artificial tear contains no chemical substance, there will be no tolerance and side effect even if it is used for prolonged period of time

2. It can be used for long time due to its long shelf-life

- Although the shelf-life of the artificial tears that are sold in the market at the moment is in the range of 24 hours ~ 30 days, the artificial tear made with Q water can be used up to1 year after having opened the seal.

3. Eyes will cleared and brightened

- Bleary eyes and the phenomenon of fogginess of eyes that naturally commences in the age bracket of 40~50 years old will be alleviated and will assist with relieving of xerophthalmia and recovery of eye sight.

4. It displays excellent effect on removal of inflammation of eyes

- There is no tolerance and side effect. It can be used for long time due to its long shelf-life. Eyes will be cleared and brightened. It displays excellent effect on removal of inflammation of eyes.


URIMUL Co.,Ltd. is a company established in September 2011 to specialize in deverlopment and export the only nano-energy water in the world in order to make contribution towards the enhancement of health of people and to expand our business into the global stage with the foremost priority on the respect for the nature, life and human kind.

While the 20th century was an era of fire, the 21st century may be referred to as the era of water. The lack of and conflict over water will worsen with rapid increase in the demands for water throughout the world in the years to come.

Q water is the only nano-energy water in the world produced by merging of the distillation engineering technology, EPU SYSTEM, Which is the product of 30 years of know-how of the developer, and the most advanced nano-tecnology that is capable of dissolving several million times more pure oxygen molecules in natural method than the ordinary water. The staffs and executives of URIMUL Co.,Ltd. shall put our utmost efforts and passion in order for the company to establish itself as the foremost environment-friendly company through in-depth recognition of the harmony between the company and natural environment as well as the need to develop new products in order to manufacturing functional water with segmentation of each of the functions, and by setting in lucid and refreshing corporate environment and cultures.
Moreover, we shall endeavor to fulfill our role and responsibilities as a high class beverage company loved and trusted throughout the world.



1980. 05   Found 34th water 

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