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With clean and fresh water generated in Jangseong(Korea) that has been providing clean water, we produce the world's only nano energy oxygenated water that keeps optimal oxygen concentration in the body by dissolving oxygen in the water by using our own original distillation method, EPU (Energy processing unit) system, non-bubble dissolution equipment (patent application No. 2014-0038148).

Q water is a short form of Quality water and we created this name to give a meaning of

"The best water of the best".

Energy water of Q water is a new type of water first discovered in the 80s and does not belong to 33 types of water mentioned on Donguibogam. Therefore, it is called "the discovery of the 34th water".

Energy in Q water is a 6m wavelength "infinite energy" and this energy lasts for 10 years, even for 100 years.

Product Feature
1. It works to clean and purify the blood by dissolving  lipoperoxide in the blood.

It helps improve metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure).

2. As it has tiny particles, which are three times smaller than red blood cell in

the body, it is absorbed into the body with 96.5% absorption rate providing

various effects.

- It is effective in relieving thirst and hangover symptoms.

- It helps help reduce the amount of medicine such as antibiotic and other drugs.

(e.g. - When diabetes patients take diabetes drugs with Q water, their blood sugar level drops immediately while regular water lowers the level after 2-3 hours.)

-It makes the skin elastic and reduces melasma, freckles and age spots, when spraying it on the face.

3. Injected with highly concentrated oxygen, it helps balance unstable oxygen

(free radicals) in the body if consumed regularly.

4. Processed in the distillation method, it is clean and pure than any types of

water and helps eliminate impurities, chemicals and inorganic minerals

accumulated in the body by absorbing them.

5. When mixing with regular water, you can taste the soft water with changed molecular structure.

A drop of it will soften the taste of coffee or tea as it helps remove impure taste.

6. It enhances food taste and helps keep the food longer when using it for cooking.

When spraying on sour Kimchi, Kimchi is no longer fermented.

- If you apply it on Kimchi, you can feel crunchy even long after.

- You can feel the genuine taste of meat if using it for ginseng chicken soup and boiling meat.

- It makes rice sticky and helps keep it longer.

- It melts well in green tea, coffee and mixed grain powder.

7. Its superb sterilizing power and antioxidant anti-inflammatory effect make it perfect to be applied for internal medicine and surgical treatment.

- It relieves various types of skin problems including atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriatic skin and burned skin.

- You can use it as a substitute for artificial tears (eye drop) and if you repeatedly cleanse your eyes, your eyes will look brighter and clearer. It also helps alleviate dimming eyes and dull eyes for people in their 40s and 50s while clearing blocked lacrimal glands and preventing the elderly from having cataract and glaucoma.

8. When spraying on plants, vegetables and flowers, the freshness lasts longer.

9. When boiling water, oxygen disappears but energy efficiency is maximized, making you full of energy and not to catch a cold. When used it for oriental medicinal herb or tea, its effect is improved while making them last longer.

Product Specification / Models
Contents: 500ml

100% an undiluted solution of energy water


URIMUL Co.,Ltd. is a company established in September 2011 to specialize in deverlopment and export the only nano-energy water in the world in order to make contribution towards the enhancement of health of people and to expand our business into the global stage with the foremost priority on the respect for the nature, life and human kind.

While the 20th century was an era of fire, the 21st century may be referred to as the era of water. The lack of and conflict over water will worsen with rapid increase in the demands for water throughout the world in the years to come.

Q water is the only nano-energy water in the world produced by merging of the distillation engineering technology, EPU SYSTEM, Which is the product of 30 years of know-how of the developer, and the most advanced nano-tecnology that is capable of dissolving several million times more pure oxygen molecules in natural method than the ordinary water. The staffs and executives of URIMUL Co.,Ltd. shall put our utmost efforts and passion in order for the company to establish itself as the foremost environment-friendly company through in-depth recognition of the harmony between the company and natural environment as well as the need to develop new products in order to manufacturing functional water with segmentation of each of the functions, and by setting in lucid and refreshing corporate environment and cultures.
Moreover, we shall endeavor to fulfill our role and responsibilities as a high class beverage company loved and trusted throughout the world.



1980. 05   Found 34th water 

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