Q41F 16F stainless steel flange ball valve

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wooden case
Product Description
Brand ZXDA

Model Q41F

Material: stainless steel

Flange connection form

Structure of fixed ball valve

Nominal diameter of 16-300 (mm)

Applicable medium water

Atmospheric pressure environment

Working temperature

Standard GB

Flow direction

Drive a manual mode

Product Feature
Carbon steel ball valve product features:

Ball valve suitable medium: water, gas, oil, natural gas and acid and alkali corrosive medium

Ball valve for temperature: -196 to 350 DEG C

Ball valve drive mode: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and etc.

Ball valve nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 250mm ~ 10 1/2 ""

Ball valve is mainly used to cut or connect the line of medium, can also be used to regulate and control fluid, it is compared with other valves, has the following advantages.

Product Specification / Models
Carbon steel ball valve structure characteristics

1, small fluid resistance, the ball valve is fluid resistance all valves in a minimal, even reducing diameter ball valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.

2, the stem thrust bearing reduces friction torque, can stem the long-term stable and flexible operation.

3, the valve seat sealing performance, sealing ring made of polytetrafluoroethylene and other elastic materials, the structure easy to seal, and the valve seal ball valve capacity increasing with the increase of medium pressure.

4, valve stem seal is reliable, due to the stem only for imitation rotation transported without doing the lifting movement, stem packing seal is not easy to damage, and the sealing ability increased with the increase of the pressure medium.

5, due to the Teflon and other materials with good self lubrication, the friction loss with the ball, the ball valve of the long service life.

6, downloading the stem and the stem head convex order to prevent the stem spray, such as stem seal damage caused by fire, convex order and the body can also be formed between the metal contact, to ensure that the valve stem seals.

7, anti-static function: the spring is arranged between the ball, stem, valve body, can be generated in the process of electrostatic derived switch.

Other Information
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This product is factory direct supply products, such as the need for special configuration (can be customized), please specify when ordering the following parameters:

(for example: valve type, drive mode, the connection form, structure type, nominal pressure, nominal diameter, the input signal, the sealing surface material, body material, suitable temperature, with the attachment)

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Zhongxuda deeply knows that one must sharpen its tools before fulfilling its task, and invests a lot to introduce advanced equipments like high precision special-use equipments and vertical processing center,at the same time,it is armed with complete set of test and examination devices,excellent equipments represent strong capacity of production to ensure outstanding quality of products.Each valve is quality assured in accordance with the international standards based on advanced testing & examination devices and complete control system.

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