QBY Stainless Steel Air Diaphragm Pump

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Product Description
1. Usage

QBY Air Diaphragm Pump,diaphragm pump, air diaphragm pump, QBY Air Pump, Stainless Steel are widely used in water supply and drainage type of fluid, serous transmission, highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquid delivery, jam, oil and special plastic suction media delivery.

2. Summarize

The Series QBY air operated diaphragm pump is a new kind of transportation machine and a newest pump in China. It is using compressed air as a power source, and can pumped all kinds of corrosive liquid entirety. It works as well as those imported from Germany WLLDENPVMPS or USA MARIOWPUMPS, It has been adopted by thousands of domestic company for petroleum, chemical, electronics, ceramics, and textile. It is installed in a variety of special occasions, for pumping all types of medium which can't be sucked by other pump. The pump body can be made of aluminum alloys, cast iron or stainless steel according to customers' demand.

3. Characteristic

No need of lead water, has the merit of self-sucking pump, dive pump, shield pump, slurry pump.

It can be immersed in media work, no need for oil lubrication of the pump, even the idling of pumps, it has no impact. The outlet pressure and flux has reached no step adjustment through the valve opening adjustment. This pump can be used in transporting the easy floating liquid and hard floating liquid. Organic the standard suction distance: 7m Outlet Pressure 50m exit pressure 6kgf/c

Product Feature
Simple structure, less wearing parts, the pump structure is simple to install, easy maintenance, pumping media does not come into contact with pneumatic valve and coupling rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pump rotor, piston, gear wear, blades and other components, the performance gradually decline:

Can transmit the adhesive liquid (viscosity less than 10,000 cps);
Product Specification / Models








Capacity: 0.8 ~ 30 m3/h

Max Head: 50m

Pressue: 0.1 Mpa~0.7Mpa

Temperature: 4 ~ 400 degree
Application / Models
1, pumping peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, red sausage, jam, apple pulp, chocolate.

2, pumping paint, gum, and pigments.

3, adhesives and glues, all types of available pumps draw.

4, watts, porcelain, brick and pottery glaze slurry.

5, wells drilled sediment and pumping grout.

6, pumping emulsion and fillers.

7, pumping sewage.

8, tankers, barges positions within the sewage pump.

9, hops and yeast slurry, syrup, molasses.

10, pumping stagnant water in the mine, trenches, tunnels, mineral processing, slag. Pumping cement grout and mortar.

11, various rubber slurry.

12, a variety of abrasive, corrosive, oil and mud cleaning grease and general container.

13, a variety of toxic, flammable, volatile liquid.

14, a variety of strong acids, strong alkalis, strong corrosive liquid.

15, a variety of high-temperature resistant to 150 u00b0 C. The maximum liquid.
Other Information
Note: If you have special requirements, please contact our technical staff! (008615968710708)

Model significance:

Example: QBY-40

QBY ------- pneumatic diaphragm pump

40---------inlet and outlet diameter (mm)
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