Quartz PVC Floor Tile

Minimum Order
1000 sqm
In Wooden Pallets
2 weeks
T/T or LC
Product Description
Quartz Vinyl Floor Tile/ Quartz PVC Flooring

Materials: PVC + quartz sands

Homogenous, Semi-flexible.


Headman Flooring products contain over 70% quartz particles thoroughly mixed into a flexible vinyl base. The final product is homogenous and contains no additional fillers. Instead, Headman Quartz Flooring utilizes very fine and naturally weathered quartz particles for reinforcement.

Possessing a high PSI strength, endless design possibilities, low moisture absorption rate and a significant cost-to-own savings, Headman Quartz Flooring outperforms the competition and is THE Resilient Flooring Solution.
Product Feature

A.tWear and pressure Resistance: Practice shows that fugue materials under correct use may resist wear of 7 years traffic load and no break, adhesive failure or permanent dent will occur under general partial point load such as cabinet leg and wheel.

B.tFire Resistance: Reach above national flame retardant performance class B1 and results of fire resistant tests in Europe and America all reach the highest class.

C.tChemical Resistance: Good chemical resistance to moderate acid, alkali solution and detergent etc.

D.tAnti Slip: Under local pressure, PVC floor materials may produce instantaneous elastic deformation, which immediately increases the friction coefficient and results in anti-slip effect when wailing.

E.tDirt Resistance: By employing compressing technology, the product has comparatively high density and it's surface had superior dirt resistant performance.

F.tMute: Center penetrating series floorboards attain pretty high level in terms of sound insulation ,Which may isolate noise of 20-40dB ,Provide quite environment ,avoid floor to floor transmission of noise caused by drag of tables and chairs or pull of carts and solve the troubles with hard materials such as granite and terrazzo .

G.tFlexibility: No break when enduring high-pressure or impact and effectively avoid fall damage ,High strength flexibility enables it to maintain fine endurance even serve in places of hare traffic volume .

H.tDimensional Stability: Resistant to water, moisture, low dilatability and contraction resistant.

I.tEnd product finishing: The high-quality calendaring treatment in the production process enables and products to attain higher hardness and better gloss.
Product Specification / Models
1.2 - 3.2mm, 300x300mm, 600x600mm
Application / Models
commercial,industrial,hospital,school,supermarket,warehouse,traffic station,residential
Zhejiang Headman Building Materials Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturing and marketing business for Wall products and flooring. Zhejiang Headman Building Materials Co., Ltd maintained a reputation for excellence in manufacturing and customer service. The true meaning of "customer first" is upheld to its highest degree. From the very start, we desired to build a business based on quality, service, fairness, and friendliness. Our advertising strategy consisted of "word of mouth" and nothing more.

Zhejiang Headman Building Materials Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of Wall Products, Cement Board, Vinyl Flooring, Quartz floor tile and so on. With international network, Zhejiang Headman Building Materials Co., Ltd is well equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

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Product Lines:

1. Quartz vinyl floor tile.
2. Vinyl floor tile.
3. Vinyl plank flooring.
4. Fiber Cement Board.
5. Fiber Cement Cladding Panel.
6. Painted Cement Board for decoration.

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Payment:T/T in advance
Delivery:20 days
Packing:wooden crates
quartz tiles

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