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Product Description
Quran Read Pen is an assistive reading device that is designed for Muslims,It gives the kids standard,pure sound of the quran at the very beginning in their learning the first class of the great quran for m10
Product Feature
1.a quran read pen all complete quran book .

2.a gold-filled and well painted holy quran sounds book

3. Rechargeable battery, A-Grade lithium battery built-in.

4. read the whole sura by touching the sura title

5. 4G memory for MP3 or new reciter voice;

6. integrate with a high fidelity speaker and support the earphone

7.there are 23 translate languages in it

8. can read the quran text by touching the paper loudly and high fidelity

9. read relevant sentence by touching anywhere of the sentence and repeat by touching again;

10. six famous reciters

11. recording voice for comparison quran sounds

12.perfect outside look with islamic logo

13.Additional Books :The packing comes with additional new specialy designed small books. Please while ordering mention them so that the books are incldued in the packing and the device is pre-loaded with the related audio.

Product Specification / Models
Model No.:M10

Memory Capacity:Built-in high-speed Flash 2G4G8G (can selected)

Colors: white

Battery:Built-in can charging lithium battery 3.7V 450mA

Charging Way:Charger

Music format: MP3

Continuous play music theory 3-4 hours

Length: 15cm

material: environmental ABS high toughness plastic (containing silver ion sterilization technology)

Interface: USB2.0 high-speed

Functions: read, MP3, recording, five-speed, repetition, u disk Translate
Application / Models
Quran Voices:

BOOK 001.bnl-- Al-Sudais

BOOK 002. bnl -- Al-Afasy

BOOK 003.bnl -- Al-Ajmi

BOOK 004.bnl -- Al-Ghamidi

BOOK 005.bnl -- Al Maeqali

BOOK 006.bnl -- Al-Minshavi

BOOK 007.bnl -- Abdul Basit

BOOK 008.bnl -- Al-Hossary

BOOK 009.bnl -- Al-Hudhaifi

BOOK 010.bnl -- Muhammad Ayyub

BOOK 011.bnl -- Abdullah Basfar

BOOK 012.bnl - Al-Shatri

BOOK 013.bnl - Hani Arrifai

BOOK 014.bnl -- M-Jibreel

BOOK 015.bnl -- Al-Akdar

BOOK 016.bnl -Zaki Daghistani

BOOK017.bnl-Minshavi & Children

BOOK019.bnl-Qari Barakatullah Saleem


BOOK021.bnl-- Q- Voice word by word

Translations Voices:

BOOK 041.bnl -- Tafsir Jalalain (Voice- Arabic)

BOOK 042.bnl -- Kazakhstan

BOOK 043.bnl -- English

BOOK 044.bnl -- Urdu

BOOK 045.bnl -- Francaise

BOOK 046.bnl -- Turkish

BOOK 047.bnl -- Farsi

BOOK 048.bnl -- Kirgyz

BOOK 049.bnl -- Uzbek

BOOK 050.bnl -- Russian

BOOK 051.bnl - Chinese

BOOK 052.bnl -- Melayu

BOOK 053.bnl -- German

BOOK 054.bnl -- Spanish

BOOK 055.bnl -- Malayalam

BOOK 056.bnl -- Kurdish

BOOK 057.bnl - Darri-1

BOOK 058.bnl -- Pashto

BOOK 059.bnl -- Induonsya

BOOK 060.bnl -- Qaida e Norania (Minshavi With Children) BOOK 061.bnl - Qiraat

BOOK 062.bnl -- Sharah Mufradat

BOOK 063.bnl -- Bengali

BOOK 064.bnl-THAI

BOOK 065.bnl -- Yogur (253MB)

BOOK 067.bnl -Azerbaijan

BOOK 086.bnl -- Sahih Bukhari (549MB)

Annotation language

RULES1.bnl-AhkamSymbols(1.15MB) RULES2.bnl-- Tajweed Rules (161MB)

RULES3.bnl-- Hadith-e-Munasib(187MB)

RULES4.bnl-- Sabab-un-Nuzul(97.8MB)

RULES5.bnl-- QaidaeNorania(71.8MB)

TalkingDictionary TD001.bnl--Arabic (11MB)

TD002.bnl -- English (11MB)

TD003.bnl -- French (5.2MB)

TD004.bnl -- German (5.8MB)

TD005.bnl -- Portuguese(5.6MB)

TD006.bnl -- Spanish (6.4MB)

TD007.bnl -- Turkish (5.6MB)

TD008.bnl -- Dutch (4.8MB)

TD009.bnl -- Russian (5.0MB)

TD010.bnl -- Italian (5.2MB)

TD011.bnl -- Thai (5.4MB)

TD012.bnl -- Japanese (4.8MB)

TD013.bnl -- Koran (5.4MB)

TD014.bnl -- Chinese (5.0MB)

Optional reciters:

Al-Sudais, Al-Afasy, Al-Ajmi, Al-Ghamidi, Al Maeqali, Al-Minshavi, Abdul Basit, Al-Hossary, Al-Hudhaifi, Muhammad Ayyub, Abdullah Basfar, Al-Shatri, Hani Arrifai, Al-Akdar, Zaki Daghistani, Al-Hudhaifi&Kurdish.
1.According to customer needs, providing ODM service
2.Provide point reading pen OEM , Free personalized design for model and package box
3.According to the requirements of customers design, development, supply of PCBA plate
4. Provide books compiling and dubbing, personalized books and voice making
5. Book printing and production,
6. Professional and timely customer service
7. The implementation of the regional agency system

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