Minimum Order
1 set
Product Description
Model QZYK1620DW Unit

Max cutting width 162 cm

Max cutting length 165 cm

Max cutting height 16.5 cm

Max clamping pressure 55000 N

Cutting speed 45 Cycels/min

Sending paper motor power 5.5 kw

Cutting motor power 0.75 kw

Wind pump motor power 1.1 kw

Net weight 6000 kg

External dimension 315u00d7296u00d7171 cm

Packing dimension 337u00d7157u00d7220 cm

Product Specification / Models
1. Usage: QZTK- DW Microcomputer Paper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various kinds, paper products, plastic, thin film, leater, slice of non-ferrous metal, etc

2. MICROCOMPUTER: It is equipped with imported whole set computer controlling system. The computer has functions as following: the warning for the wrong imput, self diagnose malfunctions and display the wrong coding. It has 50 programmes, each of them can store 100 cuttingsu2019 data.

3. Semi-automatic: paper-sending is automatic, but the paper-cutting is manual.

4. Single Hydraulic Device:

5. Double Guide Device: the paper pusher adopts double linear guides and roller ball screw. Our high rigidity linear guides design has its pantent no: ZL 2005 0 0074357.0

6. Photo cell: it is equipped with a photo cel safety protection device.

7. Over load protection device; convenient knife changing device.

8. Worktable chrome treatment: the worktable and side board surface are all adopted chrome treatment to improve the precision and quality of the machine.

9. Air ball: air balls are installed in the worktable. The paper sending work will be easy and accurate.

10. Cutting controller: both of the useru2019s hans operate the machine. It can cut paper in one time.

11. Safety notice & Glass covers: The machine has passed CE certificate. All the safety notice and direction mark is used to cause the safety attention of the user, and do protection and maintainance in time.

12. Main electric device are imported form Germany, French, Japan, etc
Established in 1986, Ruian Dapeng Printing Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of paper cutting machine

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