R2-M Flow-through System

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Product Description
Product Description

Flow-through (FT) hybridization technology is one of the simplest and the smartest platform technology for hybridization. As its name suggested, test sample (i.e. PCR product) and buffer will Flow-through the membrane matrix by force, as a result to enhance the efficiency of any complementary binding to be taken place. This is ideal for membrane based array.

The Flow-through hybridization was made possible by having the highly regulated multiple temperature control system, engineered air-flow wind tunnel and special design liquid dynamic channels featured in FTPro Flow-through hybridization device. Along with DiagCor GenoFlow array kit series, FTPro enables user to have higher productivity with its benefits of high efficiency, quality results, low cost and flexible sample size.

Principle of the patented "Flow-through" Hybridization Technology

"Flow-through" Hybridization Technology provides the platform for rapid analysis of any analyte in the solution-Porous-Matrix System. This is exemplified by the DNA hybridization: It is characterized by active approach to facilitate the annealing reaction between the sample molecules (targets) and the capturing molecules (probes), which occur on three-dimensional porous matrixes rather than planar surfaces.

The annealing of two complementary DNA single strands is a very fast kinetic process when the two strands collide. However in the two-phase conventional hybridization system, the target molecules must move toward the probes fixed in the solid matrix during hybridization, Hence this diffusion through solid matrix - a slow process - is the rate-limiting step and therefore the incubation step usually takes hours or even overnight in order to achieve optimal results.

The "Flow-through" process overcomes this diffusion limitation during the annealing process and all subsequent steps as required for signal generation. By directing the targets toward the probes to form duplexes, the hybridization is changed from the passive and random diffusion to active channeling process allowing the recombination reactions to complete in seconds. The washing of non-specific and inbounded targets will be removed similarly. Theoretically, the "Flow-through" method will produce the optimal signal and signal-to-noise rations rapidly for any affinity capturing chemical processes: i.e. DNA-DNA; DNA-protein; Antibody-antigens; Ligand-receptor and other molecular interactions.
Product Feature
Added Values of "Flow-through" Process

- Multiplexing and genotyping

- Time Saving

- Cost Saving

- Sample batch flexibility

- Ease of use

- Simple data interpretation

- Uniformity and reliability

- Design ergonomic

- Open Platform
Product Specification / Models
Physical dimensions 350mm x360mmx 148mm

Actual weightt3.5kg

Temperature accuracyt+/- 0.5u00b0C

Power requirementt150W

Pump ratet50ml per minute

Reaction chamber sizet70mm x 106mm
Application / Models
Testing Kit Available on this platform

1. GenoFlow HPV Array Test Kit

2. GenoFlow HPV High Risk Screening Test Kit

3. GenoFlow DR-MTB Array Test Kit
DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited (DiagCor) is a dynamic biotechnology company devoted to the innovation and technology in diagnostic healthcare and research sectors. We manufacture advanced in-vitro diagnostic products, provide clinical diagnostic services to medical centers in South East Asia and offer innovative self-collection testing services for health conscious customers to perform testing without visiting the clinics.

We invest heavily in research and development which leads to development of our proprietary "Flow-through" hybridization technology. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes the concept of conventional DNA array and protein array assays. Working on the state-of-the-art "Flow-through" platform, our GenoFlow series of IVD kits offer multi-pathogen / genotype detection with excellent sensitivity and specificity at remarkable efficiency and low cost. We continually innovate our technology and develop IVD kits because we believe that early diagnosis of diseases can greatly improve treatment success, prevent spread of diseases and improve public health.

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