Rare Earth Bonded Magnet

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With isotropic characteristic, bonded magnet can be axial direction magnetized. With bonding process, thin wall magnet and magnet with complex shapes can be obtained. And this product offers high coercive force and magnetic energy product.
Application / Models
Bonded permanent magnet can be used in the step motors, servo motors, horologe motors,sensors,automobile meters etc.
Southwest China Institute of Applied magnetic technology in order to play its advantages Westmag technology developmentcompany founded in 1994, is the development of the Group of industries. The company mainly engaged in the rare-earth permanent magnetic materials and devices, soft magnetic materials and devices, microwave ferrite materials and devices
, magnetic equipment, special instruments and systems development and production of permanent magnetic material within the professional research and production departments set up the whole
magnet owned enterprises.Is the designated national research and production of magnetic materials and devices industry, high
-tech enterprise, is the largest production base of magnetic materials. The main products are sintered SmCo magnet, sintered NdFeB magnet, bonded magnet and devices, permanent magnet devices, and nickel zinc ferrite MnZn materials and devices, interference (EMI) materials and devices, RF
devices, Microwave (rotating magnetic) ferrite materials, YIG single crystal tuning devices and components, isolators, circulators, switches, optical and other devices, Tesla meter, magnetizing machine, permanent magnet tester. Products are widely used in computers, microwave communications, electronics, automotive, appliance, energy, medical and other industries.
It currently employs 300 people, including more than 20 senior technical staff. Research and Development Center has a permanent magnet, NdFeB magnet production department, production department samarium cobalt magnet, rapid quenching NdFeB powder production department, nickel-zinc ferrite material MZ Production, nickel-zinc ferrite Production, magnetic special instruments and equipment production department. Rare-earth permanent magnetic materials with an annual output of 1,000 tons, annual output of 5,000 tons of soft magnetic materials, with an annual output 5 million sets of microwave devices, special instruments and equipment annual magnetic more than 200 sets of production capacity. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and production line for military magnetic quality certification standards implementation.The company has from the United States, Japan imported more than a dozen sets of advanced production
equipment, the establishment of chemical analysis and testing centers. The company has a post-doctoral mobile sub-station magnetic material, there are 5 students studying abroad, a post-doctoral, master more than 10 people, senior engineer 20 people.
Set by long-term scientific and technological innovation, tree Compass brand, in good faith service,

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and old customers, work together for the rare-earth permanent magnet industry in China contribute to

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