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Product Description
Ultrasonic Vacuum Cavitation slimming machine


Lipocell Tsee applies three powerful therapeutic tools:

Vacum-dermo-mobilization, Cellular Micromassage (Ultrasound), and Linfodren (PhysioElectric Lymphatic Drainage). And each one designed to achieve a specific therapeutic result. Utilizing the face and/or body aparatus will ensure Professionals the highest effectivity in the combat of cellulite.

Product Feature

1.Cellulite Micromassage (Ultrasound)

A. 800KHz of ultrasound is used for heating up the connective tissue to help reduce localized fat and orange peel. The ultrasound helps to break up nodules and adherences and can also be used as a complement in firming therapies. The Cellular Micromassage is performed with the application of ultrasonic waves the act at a molecular level collaborating with the lipolitic process and preventing the fibrosis of the tissues.

B. 1 MHz ultrasound palter

1).Big treatment area, effectively aiming at the place, which fat stock up, such as buttock, abdomen.

2).Through the temperature and mode of ultrasonic, decompose volume and account of fat, increasing blood circulation, opening up the system of toxin-discharge, increase the elasticity of muscles.

3). Just need to fix the Ultrasonic plate on the treatment place, the customer can accept treatment lightly


A. Corporal Vacuum-Dermo-Mobilization

VDM consists in the suction and mobilization of the tissues in the treated area, achieving an increment of up to 300% in local blood circulation. This action allows the decrease of the edema, corporal modeling and decrease of fatty tissues. The Subdermic Therapy or VDM (Vacuum - dermo - mobilization) allows, trough the vacuum generated inside the ergonomically design treatment head, the reorganization of the connective tissue, re-establishing the skin balance and increasing the lymphatic and blood circulation.

This operating handpiece includes:

1).Vacuum subpressure

2).Circul ball rolling

3).3 color BIO photon(Red, Blue and Green)

4). 1MHz Ultrasonic

B. Facial Vacuum-Dermo-Mobilization

Through the mobilizatiion of facial tissues, it is achieved the sitimulation of fibroblastic activity and the leveling of the dermic structure.

3.Linfodren (physio-electric lymphatic drainage)

The Linfodren technology allows different therapies to be performed, including ganglionic opening, lymphatic drainage, cutaneous toning, and treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks. The use of compensated microcurrents ensures a safe and effective result. The Lymphatic Drainage eliminates the accumulated liquids and toxins. At the same time, a body contour is perform with the cutaneous tonification.

L Eye and Face Electrode

L Body Electrode

L BIO Energy SPA

For this handpiece, you can open it, and add the essential oils into the bottle, which is inside.

Product Specification / Models
Technical Specification

ApplicationtCavitation&Vacuum&LED&RF&Angiogenesis(Magnetic Vibrating)


Applicator tOne applicator with 2 pieces of cavitation transducer and vacuum and LED

Applicator material tTitanium

Cavitation Frequencyt32KHzu00b110%

Transduceru2019s diameter t3.0CM(body)

Absorbed Power Maxt180W

Output Powert155W

Vacuum PowertFlow Max 2.0L/S; Max-102Kpa

Wavelength of LED lightt660nm

Angiogenesis(Magnetic Vibrating)

Applicatortdiameter: 4.0CM; camber:5MM

Applicator materialtStainless steel

Output Powert18W

Radio Frequency

RF applicatortOne RF with 4 pixel for face(pixel: 0.7x0.7CMx4)

One RF with LED and 6 pixel for body (pixel: 0.7x1.5CMx4, 1.5x1.5CMx2)

One RF with LED and 9 pixel for body (pixel: 1.5x1.5CMx3, 0.7x1.5CMx6)

Applicator materialtStainless steel

Work Frequencyt1.0Mhz

Absorbed Power Maxt50W

Output Powert45W

Electronic control systemtRetroaction controls of working parameters, quickness of pressure-acoustic propagation, stable frequency, temperature and deviation from the point of maximum output

Treatment TimetFrom 5 to 30 minutes

Programs tPersonalized regulations

Parameters SettingtUltrasound type emission, time, power

Safety ClasstCE

CommandstSelection through touch-buttons

Visualization tGraphic Display 7u2019u2019 touch screen

Operating TemperaturetFrom 10 to 35℃

Operation Relative HumiditytFrom 30 to 75%

Operation pressuret500 Mbar to 1060 Mbar

Size of machine t

Packing sizet

Net Weightt

Gross Weightt

Warrantyt12 months


Application / Models
1.Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction

2.Body shaping

3.Increases oxygenated blood flow and nutrition

4.Balancing skin and increasing blood circulation

5.Skin Tightening & Facial Rejuvenation

6.Body Contouring & Cellulite Treatment

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