Rice Rubber rollers

Minimum Order
Product Description
1. Name Rice Huller Rubber Roller

2. Material: SBR,NBR, POLY

3.Color: brown, white, amber, red

4.Size:4 6 7 8 10A 14A 18A 20A 25 28 inch

5.Minimum Order: 100pcs

6.Delivery Time: Within 20 days after receiving the payment

7.Packing: shirnk film of each piece, carton box outside


1.The enterprise got ISO9001-2008 certification

Technical Specification

A. Color: Brown

a: Tensile Strength:Mpa 23-25

b: Elongation Rate: % 290-400

c: Wear Reduction: cm3/1.6km 0.19-1.05

d: Hardness (shore A): 95-96oC

B. Color: White

a: Tensile Strength:Mpa 22-24

b: Elongation Rate: % 280-400

c: Wear Reduction: cm3/1.6km 0.15-0.10

d: Hardness (shore A): 94-95oC

C. Color: Amber

a: Tensile Strength:Mpa 22-24

b: Elongation Rate: % 280-350

c: Wear Reduction: cm3/1.6km 0.15-0.10

d: Hardness (shore A): 92-96oC



Model No

InchtLength mmtExternal DiametertThickness of Rubber

Wheel Type

LGL 100Bt 4"t 100t 222t 19.5

LGL 152t 6"t 152t 222t 19.5

LGL 178 t 7"t 178t 222t 19.5

LGL 200t 8"t 200t 225t 25

LGL 254t10"t 254t 255t 25.5

Casing TypetLGT 355t14A"t 355t 227t 29.5

LGT 457t18A"t 457t 232t 25.5

LGT 508t20A"t 508t 255t 25.5

LGT 635t25"t 635t 255t 25.5

LGT 708t28"t 708t 255t 25.5


1. High shelling efficiency, up to 95%

2. Excellent chemical and phsical properties.

3. Good in heat and abrasion resistance.

4. Good in temperature and weather resistance .

5. Strong bonding between rubber roll and drum

Usage and Attention

1. Optional of Rubber Roller:

For the choice of the black, brown and white rubber roller with hardness shore A 90oC and 95oC,

It should be according to the type of rices, climate conditions, and different seasons.Try to avoid to use the single roller,

the recommended way is higher hardness for fast roller, lower hardness for slow roller.

2.Temperature and Hardness Control:

The proper hardness is shore A 82-86oC, and the temperature is below 50oC.

When the temperature reaches above 60oC, the hardness of roller should be reduced 4-8oC

3. Alternative use of rubber rollers is recommended:

A: It can increase the usage life of roller and quantity of dehusking rice.

B: Each roller has break time during the working, which is good for recoving the function of rubber,

adjusting the speed difference upon on different diameters, and controlling the temperature effectively.

4. Two rollers should be at the same level to keep the space equal.

5. The paddy inputting should keep the balance.

6. Keep the rate of the re-hulling under the limitation

7. Storage:

A: Avoid the direct sun shine and soaked in the rain and snow.

B: Away from the heating device about 1.5m.

C: Store in dry and clean place, away from acid, alkali, salt, oil and organic solvent.

D. Keep the room temperature 10-30oC, comparative moisture 50-80oC

E. Keep in vertical position, horizontal is not allowed.

F. No other materials pressure on it, no hitting to avoid deformation and damage

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