Road Marking Machine(Self-Propelled Thermoplastic (Convex))

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Road marking machine manufactures in china.Supply thermoplastic road marking machine, cold solvent road marking machine,self-propelled road marking machine,hand-push road marking machine and road marking paints, reflective paints, traffic paints, traffic lights,traffic sign.
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Self-propelled road marking machine can finish convex marking through the micro-computer system, sensing system, air compressor, driving system, etc with one machine in one time. The regular trapezoid convex markings shape, convex height and convex spacing can meet different needs of various road, and completely conform to the international vibrating and reflective standards, and with stronger deformation resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance etc.

1.Road marking machine Engine: Japanese Robin 6.0HP or Honda 5.5HP four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with hand starting (option for electrical starting gasoline or diesel engine or electrical starting liquefied gas engine). 2.Road marking machine Driving system: Imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission system (HTS) with automatic brake device that can freely go ahead, back off and stop.

3.Road marking machine Driving speed: Forward 0-4km/h, back off 0-3.2km/h.

4.Road marking machine Maximum climbing capacity: 15u00b0.

5.Road marking machine Electronic controller: Set up various standard convex spacing, and realize PLC micro-electronic intelligent control. Freely adjust the length and spacing according to the needs of customer individual needs, and according to the needs of customer, freely adjust the convex quantity and height, The normal convex height: 3-7mm. RYZ-I adopts knob cordroller, RYZ-II adopts digital controller.

6.Road marking machine Paint tank: Heating preservation tank that is made of stainless steel or cold rolling oxidation resistant steel is equipped with erect type hand (or pneumatic) stirring device. Capacity: 65L(about 120kg). The heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-300u00b0)according to the different kinds of paint chosen by user.

7.Road marking machine Glass beads bin: Bin with window, which can check the quantity of glass bead. Capacity: 14L.

8.Road marking machine Glass beads dispenser: The automatic quantitative dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system, ensures dispensing glass beads much evener and more economical.

9.Road marking machine Chassis: A firm welded frame, whose surface has been coated chrome or treated by high temperature spraying, equipped high speed type imported bearing ensures the whole machine running lightly and more convenient.

10.Road marking machine Marking shoe: structure board is made of imported special steel sheet with high-temperature resistance (2000u00b0C), oxidation resistance and deformation resistance. It has much better stability after stamping. The plinth is the pneumatic screeding structure that is made of special alloy steel. Floor knife that contacts with the ground directly adopts imported hard tungsten steel knife-head. The precision technique ensures its better sensibility, abrasion proof and firmness. The marking has more regular raised shape, evener and straight bottom line edge, and perfect head. The standard configuration of the marking shoe is 150mm.

11.Road marking machine Rear wheel directional device: Lockable directional device can ensures the road-marking machine moving in straight lines and turning freely in curved road.

12.Road marking machine Marking width: Change different specifications of shoe (100,150,200,300mm) according to the needs of the project.

13.Road marking machine Marking thickness: The thickness of bottom line (1.5-2.5mm) and the convex height (3-7mm) can be freely adjusted through adjusting the control device of the floor knife and the convex height.

14.Road marking machine Size & Weight: 1320 mm (L) u00d7950mm (W) u00d71120mm (H). 248kg (exding the gas tank, with a 150mm marking shoe).
Road marking machine manufactures in china.Supply thermoplastic road marking machine,cold solvent road marking machine,self-propelled road marking machine,hand-push road marking machine and road marking paints, reflective paints, traffic paints, traffic lights,traffic sign.

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