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Dumper(wagon tippler) is mainly used for unloading the bulk material such as coal, ore and coke which loaded in gondola car. There are types of single car, double car, triple car, four car dumper or tumble dumper, dropsied dumper, side detachable dumper and composite dumper.

When the gondola car is pushed onto the unloading platform, the dumper turns the car 15-170 degrees to make the material be removed completely. The dumper can be either manual or automatic operation, and even can achieve full range of automatic operation, which is easy and safe to operate, and owns high efficiency and high degree of automation.

Dumper is mainly used in docks, ports and industry of metallurgy and coal.

Wagon tippler system is a kind of large equipment for unloading bulk goods in open wagon. It's preferred alternative in the countries that transport bulk goods by railway. Compared to other ways, its advantages are as follows:

1.tWide range of application. Generally, all kinds of bulk goods in all sorts of open wagons can be well handled.

2.tEfficient and very easy to be automated.

3.tAlmost no leftover.

4.tThe unloading process is easy to be environment-friendly.

Wagon tippler system's mainly application area includes: port for bulk material handling, power plant's coal-transport system, and raw material feeding system of steel plant, coke plant and large cement plant.

The main frame of wagon tippler system is car dumper, and be equipped with various kinds dispatch vehicle arrangement and safeguards equipment to constitute the unload line.

According to the number of cars that handled every work circle, railway wagon tippler systems can be divided into single wagon tippler system, dual-wagon tippler system and tripe-wagon tippler system. In the electric power plants and steel works that the single wagon tippler system is the most popular one, in the ports that the dual-wagon tippler system is the most popular one, triple-wagon tippler system and larger-sized dumper are the less popular.

Wagon tippler system forms of the layout, working performance, equipment composition and work processes

Wagon tippler system could be run-through model or back-turning model which depends on the layout of empty and full car's tracks.

Run-through model that is dumper's the layout of empty and full line are the same railroad line. The outlet of dumper is empties line.

Run-through model wagon tippler system could be divide to unit-train wagon tippler system, mixed unit-train wagon tippler system and multifunction (can dumping unit-train and mixed unit-train) wagon tippler system. The run-through model system needs fewer equipments and more efficient, but needs more field for the tracks.

The back-turning model system is that dumper in the railroad line tip, empty and full line are parallel arrangement, the outlet of dumper set up the transfer that can be square transfer motion train, the transfer move train from full line to empty line, train can be back from empty line. The back-turning model system needs more equipments and less efficient, but for it at the end of railway, it needs less field and easy to arrange, so it more widely adopted.

Any business that is involved in the production of items from raw materials needs to have a robust internal distribution system in place that can allow for efficient movement of things that are required from storage to the production area in the factory floor. The larger your operation, the more efficient it can be, and the lower that the costs of manufacture can be forced, however, this focus on large scale production means that specialist bulk materials handling equipment must be put into place in order to be able to properly handle the volume of supplies that are needed in the factory.

The central aim of bulk materials handling equipment is to ensure that more items can be carried from storage to the factory at a lower cost without having a significant impact on safety. Fork lift trucks are often the basis for many of the innovative products that are available to handle raw materials, and there are a number of different adaptations that can be fitted to the forks in order to make moving easier.

One of the most popular items of bulk materials handling equipment currently available is the standard fork mounted hopper that can be attached to the standard forks of a regular truck. Ideally, the hopper can be loaded with items for disposal by staff, or filled with raw materials in the warehouse before being carried on the forklift.

There are a number of different hoppers available from many companies that will enable you to carry goods around from one place to another. These hoppers have been designed to carry different items safely, and are robust enough to ensure that they will not be damaged during normal use. There are self tipping hoppers available as well as units that have been specially designed to carry dust, liquid and powder type items without spilling them around the workplace. Hoppers can be used to carry large amounts of material safely.

A wide variety of different fork lift extensions are available that allow your standard forklift to be adapted to carry specific items such as drums and bags. They can improve the way in which your forklift is utilized and ensure that its role is maximized wherever possible. With greater flexibility, it will be able to fulfill a greater number of tasks in the warehouse, and give greater return on the investment that you have made in it.

For easier transport, larger items are palletized during transportation, and in order to move them around the warehouse, specific bulk materials handling equipment is required. Using a forklift to move items through the factory is not always a good idea, as it can be dangerous. It is more sensible to use a pallet jack. These are easier to maneuver in use, and much lower in cost than a forklift. These jacks can be handled by a single person, and used to lift full pallets where required.

Other bulk materials handling equipment that is needed for the modern factory includes the whole range of cranes such as gantry cranes and jib cranes that are needed to lift and manipulate the heaviest items into place so that they can be worked with effectively.

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