Serum Separating Gel

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Serum Separating as physiological inert gel material, used for medical examination, application in biological examination, immunological examination, etc. The gel with increase of serum liquid surface, preventing blood and serum material between interactions; protesting serum biochemical nature and chemical composition without obvious changing for long time.

Serum Separating Gel, proportion is within 1.04-1.05. The proportion of serum is about 1.03; proportion of blood cell is about 1.093. After centrifuging, it will be separated into serum (upper level), gel (middle-level), and blood cell (lower level). The thick gel in the middle of test tube can completely separate serum and blood cell, avoid blood cell touching serum and ensure the clearity of the serum.
Product Feature
Product Parameter:

u00a0Appearance: Translucent grease shape

u00a0Weight: 25KG/Bucket

u00a0Density: 1.05u00b10.01g/cmu00b3

u00a0Viscosity: 14000-15000 /Pa.s

u00a0Volatile:0.5%( 60u00b0C,24h)

u00a0Appliance: blood Biochemistry, immunology testing

u00a0Function: separate into serum and blood cells, which to prevent the material interactions, protest serum biochemical nature and chemical properties without obvious changing for long time.

u00a0Instructions for use: centrifugal 5 minutes under 3000 rev/min rate after blood coagulation completely, serum and blood cells will automatically separated by Separate Gel

u00a0Storage and precautions: Sealed under normal temperature
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