SHAANXI APS MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.1-10tons/day Small compact sewage waste water treatment equipment

Minimum Order

APS water treatment 1-10tons/day Small compact sewage waste water treatment equipment
We offers high quality SBR package plants capable of BOD and nutrient removal for decentralized wastewater facilities.
Inlet and outlet water quality

ItemRaw water qualityTreated waterNational standard 1 class
ttt(GB 18920-2002)
ttt( 1 class, standard A )

a. Input water: 
    domestic sewage or equivalent wastewater.
b. Output water (mg/L): 
    BOD 10, SS 10. 
c. Purpose: 
    Output water for toilet flushing, agricultural irrigation, greens watering use. 
    Or can be discharged directly.
d. Advantage: 
    good adaptability for input water quality fluctuate, stable output water quality.

High Quality
When you need consistently high quality effluent in a small package, consider our mini Wastewater Treatment Systems. You can lower your capital and operating costs with a single, compact system requiring minimal operator attention.
Greater Dependability
The highly efficient membrane filters provide an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria problems, sludge bulking concerns, and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membrane filters treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations to produce consistent, dependable effluent.
Better Performance
The mini System eliminates many of the unit processes associated with conventional treatment systems. The bioreactor tanks degrade constituents normally considered recalcitrant and they eliminate solids carry-over from occurring, allowing long sludge retention times.
Easy Installation
The system comes in a prefabricated package ready to operate.  After connecting electrical service, influent and effluent piping, the system is operating. 
Lower Costs
Our attention to detail produces an integrated system designed to lower the capital and operation costs of an mini system:
Generates much less sludge due to higher MLSS operation and SRT
Exhibits the longest membrane life and has the lowest replacement costs
Tankage integrated in the system
Requires less space than conventional treatment systems or other MBR technologies
No special site requirements
Able to operate during peak conditions
Consumes less chemicals than conventional treatments
Eliminates the safety concerns surrounding the maintenance of immersed membrane systems

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Established in 2004, Shaanxi APS Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd have grown into leading water treatment equipment manufacture in mid-west of China. Specialize in producing pure & waste water treatment equipment.

Covers an area of more than 5000 square meters. The space of workshop is more than 4000 square meters. We have fixed assets of 600 million Yuan, existing staff more than 50 people.

Specialize in producing pure & waste water treatment equipment. Including RO deslination plant, multi-media filter, water softener, UF mineral water plant, waste water treatment plant, water supply systems, fog cannon etc.

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