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According to the biological nature of pest on light, wave, color attraction,design the special light source which use the principle of frequently vibration, the lamp induce the pests to fly towards the light source, there is high-voltage shocking networks outside . and the network will kill the pests, and it will drop into the special pest bag.

Product Feature
1.Excelent performance on practicability,economy,safety and promotion.

Most of places such as orchard,vegetable field, farm land and park are located as far way to connect national grid, and it take high cost to connect grid because of large area too.Normal grid power is 220V, it take hidden trouble on creepage and accidental contact. So it is difficult to promote grid power pest killing lamp. Taking solar DC power as power supply, Our special designed solar spectrum pest killing lamp has no site-specific constraints, no need electrical line construction, saving the cost of material and construct on electrical line, free cost on labor and material for grid design and approval. It has light structure, easy to install, strongly on utility . it is suitable to use for large area. This lamp has 12V safety voltage, no hidden trouble on safety, it takes intelligent control through electronic control system in accordance with changing on sunshine and the request of pest killing, no need hand operating.

2. Personal solution , higly effect on pest killing.

According to different palces and activity rule for different pest, target-oriented designing the lamp structure and system , designing the different lighting control program which is in accordance with the standard of systems engineering. So our solar spectrum pest lamp has excelent performance on pest killing and handle, safe and economic running.

Product Specification / Models
Bodisun brand solar spectrum pest lamp technical parameters

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Solar power,light and time intelligent control

All weather,waterproof,lightning protection,anti-corrosion,safe to touch

Application / Models
Scope of application

It may be widely used to agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, tea leaves, tobacco, gardens, sheds, grape gardens, brewery, urban greening, aquiculture, and it may kill:

(1) Vegetable pests: Spodoptera exigua hubner, spodoptera litura F., plutella xylostella, oebia undalis, potato moth, snout moths larva, changa.

(2) Paddy pests: rice borers, leaf hopper, rice stem borer, yellow rice borer, rice fulgorid, rice leaf roller.

(3) Cotton pests: cotton bollworm, ranville worm, pink worm, cotton geometrid.

(4) Fruit tree pests: Grapholihta molesta, geoetrid moth, fruit-sucking moths, yellow peach grub.

(5) Forest Pests: Hyphantria cunea tiger-moth, satin moth, pine moth, pine sphinx moth, aphrodisium, anoplophora glabripennis, phigalia djakonvi moltrecht, leaf roller, apocheima cinerarius erschoff, poplar moth, green leaf hopper.

(6) Wheat pests: gelechiid moth, army worm.

(7) Minor cereals pests:jowar borer, maize borner, soybean pod borer, greenish brown hawk moth, foxtail millet borer, apple-orange butterfly.

(8) Underground pests: cutworms, heliothis assulta guenee, night flying beetle, propylaea japonica, coccinella septempunctala.

(9) Meadow pests: grasshopper, meadow moth, leaf beetle.

(10) Storage pests: large gnawing beetle, little gnawing beetle, gelechiid moth, dark mealworm, S.Paniceum, rice moth, harmonia axyridis, and etc. there are 1326 pests.

Bodisun New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer of solar products,main products are solar panel modules, solar street lamps,solar lawn light,solar pest killing lamp,solar LED light,solar power system etc..

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