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(1)in the form of legal provisions of the agency must be in the form of a written contract, otherwise the agent relationship is not protected to reduce the contract does not sign the dispute. At the same time to develop a direct agent and indirect agency contract for the text of the contract for both parties to reference. (2) a clear and reasonable commission system, according to the rights and obligations of the principle of the agent according to the services provided by the commission, bear the corresponding responsibility. The original "only charge 1% of the fee but bear 100% of the risk" approach does not meet the civil law fair, equivalent paid principle, but also contrary to the international practice. Germany's trade agency business as an example: Germany, the average commission rate of all industries 50/0, but the high technical content of the product commission rate is generally 18%, 2% of consumer goods. (3) the establishment of compensation system. Foreign trade company's talent, sales, market information, etc. is an intangible asset, such as the lack of legal protection, vulnerable to violations of the client, resulting in river bridge behavior. The contract termination and compensation system shall be introduced in the improvement of the agency legislation. If the contract for the termination of the contract has not been established, the termination of the contract shall be terminated after a reasonable period of time. Such as the occurrence of the client and the agent to contact the customer to maintain business contacts, continue to perform the agent on behalf of the contract signed, etc., the agent due to the acts arising from this agent is still entitled to compensation. (4) the establishment of non-competitive system. The client has the right to restrict the agent in a certain period of time in the original contract area, with the original customer engaged in the activities of the client's products to compete, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client. And international rules of convergence, and actively participate in the "International Convention on the sale of goods." The adoption of a unified agency rule in international trade will help to remove the barriers to international trade. China's failure to participate in the Convention on International Sale of Goods is very detrimental to the development of China's foreign trade. At present, the legal system of the relevant agents in China has been relatively complete, and the legal obstacles to the Convention have been basically eliminated. China should consider joining the Convention, which not only can promote the legislature of our country to speed up the improvement of the laws and regulations of the agency system, but also help solve the foreign trade agency application in the international contract for the sale of goods in the problem.

This is Dong Sourcing agent in China, top 10 China sourcing agent, can help you sourcing products in China, we have more than a thousand excellent products manufacturers and suppliers, can provide you with high quality export products.
Help you sourcing products free, control production, inspection of goods, manage logistics and transport, export products for you. Put all work to us in China, you just push hard in markets promotion and selling products. Most of our suppliers and products passed ISO9001, CE, FCC, GS, UL, TUV, EN71, ASTM, ROHS and other certifications, provide factory price to you, also we accept OEM and ODM orders, with custom design products, such as custom packaging products, custom wooden products, custom plastic products and so on, Most of our team members have more than 8 years experience in custom products, tech-savvy and design. All of our goods inspection team members have many years experience in goods inspection, improve the qualified rate, increases product quality for you, most of our products qualified rate more than 98%, if there have any issues, we will feedback to you once found, will provide best solution in shortest time. Our major customers mainly including supermarkets, wholesaler, retailer, government and business procurement. I found many people want looking for products in china, but they didn't know how to find right products suppliers in China, they will find in Alibaba, google, yellow pages, but most of them are traders, wholesaler, even third hand companies, it is hard to find right products suppliers. Also we provide you with factory price, just charge little service fees when order finished, we ensure that provide you with factory price, because of we have many direct factories, can get the price from factory boss. Nowadays, the dramatically competition happened on trade, dong sourcing agent dedicated to provide high quality and multiaspect services to the customers, help you creates valuable fortune.

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