SpermFunc® TP - Kit for Spermatozoa Tyrosine Phosphorylation Test (Fluorescent Staining Method)

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1 kit
Product Description
The kit is mainly used for detecting the protein tyrosine phosphorylation lever in mammalian sperm capacitation.
Product Feature
1) This is an alternative test for Sperm - zona pellucida binding test, which can reflect the binding ability of the sperm with zona pellucida.
2) Help to choose the assisted reproductive way scientifically
3) Double marking technology, easy to observe results
4) CE approved
Product Specification / Models
Application / Models
1. As a routine semen analysis, test of protein tyrosine phosphorylation can improve diagnosis of the patients who have sperm defect, and treating of the patients who have been dealt with assisted reproduction technology. For example, patients with unexplained infertility, or the infertility couples which the female have normal fertility but the male have mildly abnormalities in semen ananlysis, it is difficult to determine whether to treat them with or without traditional IVF or ICSI . For this kind of patients, using of the test of protein tyrosine hosphorylation can help us to screen the patients for sperm-zona pellucid binding capacity. If the test results are normal , it is considerable that patients will be treated by IVF. On the other hand, if the test results are low, it is need to be estimated whether patients will be treated by ICSI by using sperm-zona pellucid binding test.
2. For the limitation on human oocyte acquirement, it is hard to take sperm-zona pellucid binding test as the routine test item. The test for protein tyrosine phosphorylation in capacitation can become a better choice. If the rate of protein tyrosine phosphorylation in sperm tail is more than 5%, it is indicated that the patients have normal sperm-zona pellucid binding capacity, It can assist clinic decision-making on IVF or ICSI treatment using.
Other Information
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