Sunostik SUNMATIK 9100 800 Tests Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

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Product Description
Automatic biochemistry analyzer of 800t/h for clinical ,verterinary ,oenology ,beverage ,water ,food ,tabacco ,drugs of abuse and others.
Product Feature
Engine PerformanceThe instrument type:Automatic random choose discrete; Emergency priority detectiontesting speed:800T/H,1400 T/H with ISEtest method:End point method, two points, rate method and the immune turbidimetry/double wavelength/wavelength single wavelength method of linear and nonlinear calibrationTest project: conventional biochemical, specific protein, electrolytes, drugs, drug abuse, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etcanalysis item at the same time: 90 photometric method, three electrode method.
Product Specification / Models
Sample SystemTrack the style in this frame:Once every eight samples, can be on 176 samples, sample in a rowSample plate: 27 samples, support bar code scanning (optional), independent refrigeration (4-12), to ensure quality control and calibration at any time for 24 hours a daySample size: 1.5 mu - 35 mu, 0.1 mulSample: needle with bubbles and plugging needle, liquid level detection and collision safety protection function, has the function of internal high pressure flushing, 1.5 mu minimum sample weight, 1.5 l - 35 mu, 0.1 mu l l progressiveSample processing: automatic dilution, automatic measurementEmergency samples: random insertion
Application / Models
Reagent SystemThe reagent disk:90 reagents,Double plate design,Direct load70ml,35ml,20mlBottom reagent bottle ,With a maximum of 4 reagent test functionReagent refrigerated:4-12reagent has 24 hours continuous cold storage refrigeration function,Parr stick refrigerationReagent Volume:15-300,0.5step,When testing can be deducted automatically reagent blankprobe:Two, with functions of automatic liquid level detection and collision safety protection, among them, the lining with functions of high pressure flushing, automatic recording reagent insufficient margin, or cleaning reagent needle tip function: fully automatic water inside and outside wall cleaning, take all reagent pollution rate < 0.08% position fixed support bar code scanning (optional)
Other Information
Reaction Systemreaction disc :160new reaction cups,6mmlight path,Hard plastic colorimetric cup,(uv)Penetrating well,Acid-resistant,resistant to corrosionThe reaction liquid volume150 -300reaction temperature:37,The temperature accuracyu00b10.1constant temperature system:Is a maintenance free water bathrabbling mechanism:Two separate mixing needle,Laser nano polishing,Automatic frequency conversion technologyReaction cup clean:Eight steps after the determination of samples, the instrument adopts advanced automatic cleaning, high pressure vacuum suction fluid, warm water wash, cleaning effect is betterReaction cup 2 kinds of cleaning fluid:1 kind of acid, alkali, vacuum suction fluid, automatic dilutionliquid waste disposal:High and low concentration waste classification processing,With high concentration waste liquid alarm
Founded in 1992, Sunostik Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is

an outstanding manufacturer of medical equipment.

We specialize in researching, manufacturing and marketing of clinical semi-and

auto-analyzers, diagnostic reagents and microwave therapeutic devices.

The company is located in Changchun, a historic city in the northeast of China,

and covers a total area of 5,500 sq. meters with an actual working space of 3,800 sq. meters.

There are more than 150 well trained employees, of whom 60% hold a bachelor degree;

7 individuals hold a master degree and 5 with a Ph.D. degree.

Being a manufacturer of medical devices, we provide clinical analyzers and

laboratory instrumentation, clinical reagents on basis of OEM to our clients.

We are looking forward to establishing cooperative partnerships with

other manufacturers in the rapidly developing field of medical diagnostics.

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